Chapter 452: The Truth of the Ye Family Incident (2)

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If it weren’t for the fact in front of her eyes, Ye Nanxi would never believe that Chang Yiyue, who seemed to treat her as her own daughter all these years, would harm her ruthlessly.

She really couldn’t think of a reason why Chang Yiyue wanted to hurt her no matter how hard she tried.

“Chang Yiyue, get out of here right now.
Don’t even think about taking anything from the Ye family!” Ye Fenglin pointed at the door with one hand and said while gritting his teeth.

He thought that this woman wouldn’t dare to do anything to Xiao Xi after he warned her.
Unexpectedly, he underestimated this woman’s scheming mind!

A trace of viciousness flashed through Chang Yiyue’s eyes as she stared at Ye Nanxi with a hint of resentment.
“See, your Dad will always be on your side.
No matter what happens, he’ll always believe and protect you!
“You’re his daughter, but I’m also his woman.
Why is he biased towards you?

“Lwas getting old and I really wanted a child of my own.
I just wanted a child, but your Dad got upset and he wanted to kick me out.”

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Chang Yiyue said as tears welled up in her eyes and her expression was full of sorrow, “Because of your daughter, your Dad doesn’t even want a son to carry on the family line.

“Nanxi, you’re so lucky.
I can’t help but feel jealous.
I’m so jealous that I’m going crazy.”

“So, this is why you want to hurt me?”

Ye Nanxi’s eyes also turned red and there was a hint of anger on her face.
Apparently, she couldn’t accept this reason.

Chang January smiled sadly.
“Yeah, it’s such a simple reason.”


‘As soon as Chang Yiyue finished talking, Ye Fenglin finally couldn’t bear it anymore and slapped her.

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“Chang Yiyue, do you still remember that before you stepped into this house, I told you that I, Ye Fenglin, will only have one daughter, Xiao Xi, in my entire life?

“You also agreed back then.
You did it willingly.
I, Ye Fenglin, didn’t force you at all!

“Tve also said that if you don’t want to be with me, you can leave anytime, but you must never hurt Xiao Xi.
It’s only been a few years and you’ve already forgotten?”

Ye Fenglin gritted his teeth in hatred.
He couldn’t wait to give this cruel woman in front of him another slap, but he held himself back in the end.

“Get out! Get out of my villa with your parents.
Get as far away as you can.
If I see you in the capital, don’t blame me for not showing mercy to you for old times’ sake!”

Chang Yiyue was born in a remote village.
When she met Ye Fenglin, she was just an ordinary waitress at a hotel.
She only entered the door of the Ye family after being with Ye Fenglin for a few years.
‘When she stepped into the door of the Ye family, she also took her parents, brother and sister-in-law from the countryside to the capital.

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After knowing about it, Ye Fenglin arranged a villa for them to stay in and also arranged a pretty good job for Chang Yiyue’s brother and sister-in-law.
For the past few years, Chang Yiyue’s family could be said to be living a happy life.
‘And yet, Chang Yiyue was still dissatisfied and wanted to replace Ye Nanxi’s position in Ye Fenglin’s heart.

This was what people meant by one’s eyes being bigger than one’s belly, wasn’t it?

Chang Yiyue could still stay calm when Ye Fenglin asked her to leave at first, but now, Ye Fenglin asked her to leave with her parents and she finally panicked completely.

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“Fenglin, no, don’t kick my parents out.
It has nothing to do with them.
I was the one who made trouble with Nanxi.
It has nothing to do with my parents!”

Chang Yiyue immediately knelt down and begged while crying, “Fenglin, I know I’m wrong.
You can vent your anger on me however you want, but please, please, please let my parents go!”

Her parents were old and they could finally enjoy a few years of happiness.
If they were sent back to the countryside right now, it would undoubtedly be too cruel.

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However, Ye Fenglin wasn’t soft-hearted.
He looked at her coldly.
“You asked me to let your parents go.
Why didn’t you let my daughter go? Security, kick her out quickly!”

He was apparently talking to the security guard next to him.

“No, don’t.
Fenglin, I’m sorry.
I really am sorry.
Since I’ve been with you for so many years, can you forgive me this time?

“Please forgive me this time.
Please, Fenglin.”

Chang Yiyue said as she started kowtowing to Ye Fenglin.
Every time she kowtowed, a loud sound was made.

However, the person she apologized to since the beginning was Ye Fenglin, not Ye Nanxi, who was almost killed by her..

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