Chapter 444: Find a Free Spokesperson

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“A celebrity?

Lu Zija tilted her head and suddenly thought of something.
Her eyes


“Yeah, if you want more people to know about our products, it’s best if you hire

a celebrity to be your spokesperson.”

Thinking that she didn’t know these things, Du Jinli explained briefly to her.

Hearing that, Lu Zijia nodded in understanding.

After leaving the Du family, Lu Zijia called Ye Nanxi and arranged a meeting


Her uncles and the others had just agreed to give her 20% of the pure profits

from the sales of the ointments.
They were originally going to give her 60%,

but Lu Zijia insisted on only 20%.

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After all, she was only making the ointments and she would leave it to

someone else to make them in the future.
When that time came, her uncles

would bear all the costs and fees.

If she really got 60% of the profits, her uncles and the others wouldn’t be able

to make much money.

So, before she became someone wlho only waited for others to work, she

decided to find a free spokesperson for her uncles to save money.

“Master, Master, here.”

As soon as Lu Zijia walked into the cafe, she saw Ye Nanxi, who was wearing a

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cap and sunglasses, standing up from her seat and waving at her happily.

Lu Zijia walked over and sat opposite her.
She sized her up and looked at the

sun that was covered outside.
“Is there something wrong with your eyes?”

Otherwise, why would she be wearing sunglasses when she was indoors?

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Ye Nanxi froze for a second before she reacted and said with a smile, “No, I’m

just afraid of being recognized.

“You know, I’m a celebrity.
If the fans find out, we’ll have to move to another


Lu Zijia, who was reborn in the cultivation world, didn’t understand what the

celebrities in this world were thinking

“Master, this is the coffee I ordered for you.
Try it and see if you like it.
If you

don’t like it, you can order something else.”

Ye Nanxi was very enthusiastic.
She pushed a cup of coffee that she had never

drunk in front of Lu Zijia and said again right away, “Master, I wanted to ask

you out, but you called me first.
Our minds really sync.”

Lu Zijia, who had just taken a sip of coffee, almost spat at her face.
Was this

how the evpression was used?

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However, she didn’t correct her words.
After all, she still wanted Ye Nanxi to be

her spokesperson!

Without waiting for Lu Zijia to speak, Ye Nanxi said again, “Master, you’re

There’s really a doll

Speaking of this, Ye Nanxi’s tone became a bit sad, as if she couldn’t accept this

“I found it in my stepmother’s piano room.

“But my stepmother has always treated me well, as if I were her own daughter.

“Even though she didn’t get a marriage certificate with my Dad, I already treat

her as half a mother in my mind.
I..I still can’t quite accept that she’s the one

who wants to hurt me.”

“What about the doll? Did you bring it out?” Lu Zijia put down the cup and

asked directly.

“Yes, I brought it out secretly.

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Ye Nanxi said as she took out a small bag from her handbag and handed it to Lu

The doll was inside.

Lu Zijia took it and put it next to her without any intention of opening it at all.

Ye Nanxi was confused why she didn’t look at it.
She was about to ask when she

saw a familiar face walking towards her out of the corner of her eye.

“Cousin? Why are you here?

Ye Nanxi looked surprised.
She remembered that her cousin didn’t like coffee.

Why would he come to the coffee shop today?

Lu Zijia didn’t seem to notice that someone was coming behind her.
She calmly

picked up the coffee and took another sip, frowning slightly, thinking that tea

was bette.

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