Chapter 443: Unreasonable Product Effect

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After seeing the strong effects of the whitening cream on Mu Tianyan’s face,

Lu Zijia went to the Du family with a few bottles of whitening cream and acne

removal cream.

As expected, the Du family wasn’t optimistic about the two ointments because

of their appearance.

However, after Du Xiangjun’s brave attempt, the members of the Du family,

who weren’t optimistic about these two kinds of ointments at first, were

instantly stunned!

And yet, even though Du Jinqian and Du Jinli, who were managing the

company right now, witnessed the extraordinary effects of the ointments with

their own eyes, they were still a bit worried.

After the two of them looked at each other, Du Jinqian spoke first, “We believe

that the ointments Jiajia made don’t have any side effects, but this whitening

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ointment really has much more effects than other whitening products.
It can

even be said to be unreasonable.

“And this smell and the appearance… Not many people will dare to try it, so I

want to send the ointment for testing first.

“When we sell it, we can show the test data to prove that the ointment has no

side effects.
What do you think, Jiajia?

Du Jinqian knew that his niece got these ointments to help them and he was

very touched in his mind.

So, he said these words with extra caution, in case he would discourage his

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niece if he used inappropriate words.

Du Jinli also thought so.
“Yeah, Jiajia, we know your ointments are good, but

people outside are very careful when buying things.

“Especially the food and the things used on the face.
Without a certain level of

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persuasiveness, it’s difficult for people to have the desire to buy them.”

Most importantly, their cosmetics company was no longer famous.
They could

barely be considered a C-lister now.
If they were to release these ointments

with a unique smell without any proof, the sales would definitely be

unprecedentedly dismal.

Instead of disappointing her niece with poor sales after releasing them in a

hurry, it was better to give her a heads-up in advance.

Lu Zijia certainly understood this.

Before she showed her ability in her previous life, she wasn’t treated well by

her family.
In order to support herself, she started refining some levelless

elixirs and selling them in the mortal world.

This included the whitening pill, acne removal pill, reckle removal pill, and so


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When she started selling them, those mortals didn’t believe her.
They only

became more popular gradually after some people started trying them.

And the ointment she made right now was the same as the one she made when

she started selling beauty medicines in her previous life.

of course, but as you said, the effects of the ointment don’t make sense.

Perhaps you can make the ointment into other products for sale, like facial

masks or something.”

As long as the effects of the ointment were controlled to be better than that of

other products, it would be fine.

Du Jinqian and his brother, who had been managing the company for many

years, certainly thought of Lu Zijia’s idea as well.


“will the ointment lose its effects?” Du Jinli asked.

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Lu Zijia shook her head.
“As long as you don’t add anything that conflicts with

it.” In other words, substances that contradicted the herbs used to make the


Hearing this affimative answer, Du Jinli was immediately delighted in his

mind and also relieved at the same time.

He couldn’t be blamed for this reaction.
The smell of the ointment was too

challenging to his sense of smell.
Even though he knew that the ointment was

good, he still couldn’t quite take it.

“Jiajia, don’t worry.
We will definitely not let you down.
After the launch, we’ll

find a celebrity to be our spokesperson.
They’ll definitely become the best

sellers this year.”

Du Jinli said with confidence..

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