“Ah, those young people are the ones chasing after the celebrity, aren’t they? Ah, ah, this is truly ridiculous.”

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The driver shook her head and exclaimed again.
Apparently, she still hadn’t realized that the celebrity that those people were chasing after was Ye Nanxi.

As the group of people got closer and closer, Lu Zijia frowned even tighter and she kept glancing at Ye Nanxi frequently, as if she was thinking if she should throw her out of the car.

Judging from how crazy those people were, they might smash the car if they found out she was in here.

Of course, the car being smashed wasn’t the main point.
The main point was that it would waste her time!

Not knowing if she sensed Lu Zijia’s hostility, Ye Nanxi shivered and looked up at Lu Zijia weakly.
She put her hands together and bowed to her again.

Lu Zijia’s forehead twitched after being worshiped by her.
She gritted her teeth and made a decision in the end.

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When the driver was about to turn around and continue talking to them, Lu Zijia stretched out her arm and pointed upwards.
“Look, there’s a pig flying in the sky!”

Hearing that, the driver was immediately attracted and she subconsciously looked in the direction Lu Zijia pointed at.
She even asked, “Where? Where’s the flying pig?”

The moment the driver was fooled, Lu Zijia smacked a talisman on Ye Nanxi’s head.

Alright, she admitted that she hit her head on purpose.

Who asked this person to delay her for so long?

Ye Nanxi gritted her teeth in pain and was about to say something when the driver spoke first.

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“There’s no flying pig.
Young lady, are you mistaken? Why don’t I see any flying pigs?”

The driver, who didn’t see a pig flying, turned around and asked Lu Zijia in confusion.

Lu Zijia showed a surprised look and deliberately looked up, then said seriously, “No? Did I really see it wrong?”

Seeing her like this, the driver laughed and said with certainty, “Young lady, you must be mistaken.
How can a pig fly in the sky?”

Lu Zijia: “…”

Ye Nanxi: “…”

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Then, why did you fall for it just now?

“Madam, I’m in a bit of a hurry.
I’ll get out here.” Lu Zijia paid the driver the fare.

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“Oh, alright, young lady, be careful.
Beware of the cars when you cross the road.”

The driver wasn’t displeased at all because Lu Zijia got out of the car halfway.
Instead, she reminded her kindly.

Lu Zijia replied with a smile and then opened the car door.
She grabbed the back of Ye Nanxi’s collar with one hand and dragged her out of the car easily like she was holding a chicken.

Afraid that Ye Nanxi would scream, Lu Zijia cast a spell beforehand, making her unable to speak.

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“Hey, superstar, do you want me to drive you…”

After Lu Zijia got out of the car, the driver turned around and looked behind her.
She wanted to ask Ye Nanxi if she wanted a lift, but she didn’t see anyone after taking a look.
She couldn’t help looking dumbfounded.

“Eh? Where is she? Didn’t the young lady get out of the car alone just then? Why isn’t the superstar in the car either? Did she get out as well?”

And Ye Nanxi, who made the driver dumbfounded, was being carried to the sidewalk by Lu Zijia at this moment.

As soon as she arrived at the sidewalk, Lu Zijia immediately let her go.

Afraid that those crazy fans would find her, Ye Nanxi ignored Lu Zijia, who inexplicably dragged her out, and wanted to cover her face and run as soon as her feet touched the ground.

However, as soon as she turned around, Lu Zijia grabbed the back of her collar again and almost strangled her to death.

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