The driver looked at her pitiful look and nodded reflexively.
“Sure, but…”

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However, the driver widened her eyes the next second, looking shocked and excited.

“Oh! I recognize you.
You, you, you… Aren’t you that girl? Hey, what’s your name again? Why can’t I remember your name all of a sudden?”

The driver scratched her head and tried hard to recall the name of the woman squatting in her car.

Hearing the driver say that she recognized her, Ye Nanxi lowered her head reflexively, as if this way, the driver wouldn’t remember who she was.

However, the driver was destined to disappoint her.

“I remember now!”

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The driver slapped her thigh and her voice that sounded like a loudspeaker immediately rose a few degrees, so everyone in the next car could hear her.

“Madam, madam, be quiet.
Shush… Right, right, I’m Ye Nanxi, I’m Ye Nanxi.
Madam, don’t shout.
I’ll admit it.”

Ye Nanxi even cried because of the driver’s high decibel voice.
Before the driver said her name, she exposed herself.

That look of not knowing whether to laugh or cry made people extremely amused.

The driver , who was reminded again, finally realized that she couldn’t control her voice again.
She smiled at Ye Nanxi with a silly smile in embarrassment.
“I’m sorry.
I was born with a loud voice.
I didn’t scare you, did I?”

“No, no, I should be sorry.”

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Ye Nanxi kept denying and praying in her mind.
The driver must control her voice!

“Hehe, it’s fine, it’s fine.”

The driver chuckled and waved her hand straightforwardly.
She immediately said again in surprise, “Young lady, aren’t you a superstar? I saw on TV that celebrities have their own cars.
Why did you come to my car?

“Did your car stall halfway, or did you get a flat tire so you couldn’t continue driving?”

Ye Nanxi didn’t know how to react to the driver’s questions.
She could only nod constantly.

Luckily, the driver had lowered her voice a lot so that the people outside the car wouldn’t hear her.

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Seeing that Ye Nanxi only nodded and didn’t reply, the driver didn’t mind and continued talking passionately by herself.

After a while, the driver suddenly slapped her thigh again.

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Seeing her signature move, Ye Nanxi’s heart immediately rose to her throat.

Fortunately, although the driver slapped her thigh this time, her voice didn’t rise abruptly.

“Right, right, superstar, my daughter likes you a lot.
Can you give me your autograph?”

The driver said as she searched in the car for a while and found a palm-sized notebook and a pencil.

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“Of course.”

Ye Nanxi took the notebook and pencil without hesitation and signed her name with a few swishes.

She was in the lady’s car right now.
What if the lady was unhappy and kicked her out of the car if she rejected her?

As soon as Ye Nanxi returned the notebook and pen to the driver, she heard a commotion outside.

Lu Zijia looked up and gazed ahead.
She found a group of people holding signs or posters looking into the cars one after another, as if they were looking for something.

Many people around were still cursing at the behavior of this group of people.
They even cursed with the 18 generations of their ancestors.

However, those people didn’t seem to hear them at all.
They were still searching persistently.

Lu Zijia looked away and glanced at Ye Nanxi, who couldn’t wait to hide herself under the car seat.

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