person who curled up into a ball, finally looked up after that.

“Um… Excuse me, can you let me hide here? A while, just for a while, please.”

That person raised her head and showed a delicate little face.
She put her hands together with a pitiful look and bowed to Lu Zijia.

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Before Lu Zijia said anything, the driver started yelling.
Her loud voice sounded like he had a loudspeaker in her.

“Ah, young lady, what’s wrong with you? Why are you suddenly squatting in my car?

“Is it because you can’t go through due to the traffic and got tired of standing outside, so you want to come in for a rest?

“Ah, young lady, you’re too polite.
My car is stuck here right now anyway.
Just rest.
I’m so happy to have one more person to talk to.”

Hearing the driver’s imaginative words, Lu Zijia’s forehead twitched and she couldn’t help feeling speechless.

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This driver didn’t only have a speaker in her, but also a ridiculous imagination!

Even if there was a traffic jam, only cars wouldn’t be able to pass through.
How would someone not be able to go through? Besides, please don’t ignore the sidewalk next to the road!

After hearing the driver’s voice that sounded like a loudspeaker, the woman, who had already curled into a ball, immediately curled up even more, as if she couldn’t wait to stuff herself under the car seat.
At the same time, she kept turning her head to look outside the car, as if she was afraid that someone would notice her.

When the driver finally finished talking, the woman, who couldn’t wait to turn herself into a ball, put her hands together and kept bowing to the driver, begging in a low voice at the same time.

“Thank you, thank you, Madam.
You’re really a good person.
I don’t need to sit.
I like squatting.
I’ll just squat.
But… Madam, can you speak a bit softer?”

The woman said carefully and even stretched out her hand to make a gesture with her pinky finger softly..
Her exquisite face looked so pitiful that people couldn’t help feeling soft-hearted.

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