Chapter 42: I’m Not a Master, I’m Just a Passerby

Meanwhile, Fei Dingshan also told them how this started.

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It turned out both of them suddenly got sick a week ago.
They went to the hospital for a checkup, but nothing seemed wrong.
And yet, their bodies were extremely weak.

Their bodies had no power at all.
They were already a bit overwhelmed after standing for less than a minute, and red streaks appeared on their bodies from time to time.

Those red streaks made Fei Dingshan remember the marks caused by his father beating him with a feather duster when he was small.

They had thought about whether someone was pranking them.

However, after installing surveillance at home, they didn’t find any traces of pranks.
Instead, red streaks still appeared on their bodies as if they were beaten by someone.

Under such a situation, Fei Dingshan couldn’t go to work and Fei Dingshan couldn’t even send her daughter to school.

Luckily, their daughter was sensible and never threw a tantrum.
She even took the initiative to take a leave of absence at school and stay at home to take care of them.

After hearing about what happened, Che Zhibin said oretentiously, “I think you must have provoked the ghosts.

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“The reason why you’re so weak right now is because of the erosion of dark energy.

“As for the red streaks on your bodies, they’re definitely caused by the evil spirits.
We’ll only know which evil spirit did that after we deal with all of them.”

The so-called dark energy was formed by people’s grievances after they died.

People would only stay in the world and refuse to reincarnate if they were obsessed and held resentment after they died.

If it was the ghosts that did this, the dark energy in their bodies would also increase.

So, many Taoist Masters determine whether there were evil spirits based on dark energy.

Fei Dingshan and his wife’s faces became like a piece of paper after they heard that there was more than one evil spirit.

“M-Masters, please, masters, you have to help us.
I always do good deeds and have never done anything bad.
How could I provoke such things?

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“Masters, please.
It doesn’t matter if you can’t save me, but you have to save my wife.
My wife is still young.
I can’t let anything happen to her!”

Fei Dingshan was eight years older than Madam Fei and they had already been married for many years.
Because of that, Fei Dingshan had always treasured his wife throughout the years and had never had another woman in his life.

“No, Dingshan, you can’t leave me alone.
Besides, you’re the backbone of this family.
If you’re gone, what should I and our daughter do?”

Madam Fei said as she knelt before Lu Zijia and the three others, “Masters, please save my husband!”

“My husband is really a good guy.
Without him, my brother and I would have starved to death a long time ago, let alone having our current life.”

“Masters, I’m begging you.
I can do anything as long as I can save my husband.”

It turned out Madam Fei and her brothers were two of the many orphans Fei Dingshan had sponsored.

When the two of them knew each other, they didn’t know that they were sponsor and sponsee.

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They only found out about this relationship by accident after they were married.
Both of them thought it must be fate.

The two had been very affectionate since they got married more than ten years ago.
Countless people envied Madam Fei for finding a good man.

“Honey, you…”

Fei Dingshan choked.
He would be lying if he said he wasn’t touched.

The love between the two of them was moving and enviable.
Unfortunately, some people didn’t care about it at all.

“That’s enough.
There’s no need to fight.
Now that we’ve accepted this mission, we’ll definitely keep you safe and sound,” Che Zhibin said as he looked at Tong Kexin and Jin Junyi, signaling them to prepare to start.

Tong Kexin and Jin Junyi nodded gently.
They immediately asked Fei Weiwei to grab a table and they put everything on it to begin the ritual.

Their attainments weren’t enough to allow them to see ghosts before they opened their Third Eye.

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So, before they started bringing ghosts under control, the first thing they had to do was open their Third Eye.

Lu Zijia only felt that the three of them were troublesome.
She was still sitting on the couch quietly without moving.

“Um… Master, aren’t you… going to perform the ritual together?”

Fei Dingshan and his wife saw that Lu Zijia wasn’t going to help at all, so they couldn’t help but ask with slight confusion.

Lu Zijia blinked innocently, “I’m not a master.
I’m just a passerby who came here to join in the fun.”

Fei Dingshan and his wife, “…”

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