Du Jinli was originally a bit disapproving, but as Lu Zijia spoke, his expression gradually changed.

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Especially when he saw Lu Zijia’s obviously hinting and evil smile, he couldn’t stay calm anymore.

“Ahem, aren’t you looking at your grandma’s fortune? Why are you looking at mine? Don’t look at mine!”

Before Lu Zijia continued, Du Jinli quickly interrupted her, looking guilty.

Of course, he hid it very well.
However, the members of the Du family knew each other too well.
They could tell that something was wrong with him at a glance.

The two elders of the Du family looked at their eldest son and saw the shock in each other’s eyes.
Then, they both gazed at their younger son (younger brother), who seemed a bit nervous.

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Du Jinli, who got even more nervous when his family stared at him: “…”

Du Jinli had never thought that this would happen.
He thought it was just a joke.
He didn’t expect that the secret he had buried in his heart for so many years would be exposed!

For a second, Du Jinli couldn’t help looking at his niece with resentment.

Lu Zijia, who tricked her uncle unconsciously, blinked and looked as innocent as possible.

Her grandma wanted to know when she could have grandchildren again.
She was just telling the truth…

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Seeing Du Jinli like this, the members of the Du family were even more certain that what Lu Zijia said just then was true!

“Xiao Li, is Jiajia telling the truth? You bastard, why didn’t you tell me when you have someone you like? I can have a look at her.”

Old Lady Du couldn’t help but ask her second son anxiously.

The others didn’t say anything, but stared at Du Jinli with curiosity, including Du Xiangjun.

It wasn’t that Du Xiangjun didn’t believe in her daughter’s ability.
She was just curious about the woman her brother liked.
After all, her brother had been single for so many years…

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Under the fierce gaze of his family, Du Jinli finally spoke, “It’s still up in the air.
I do like her, but she doesn’t seem to have any feelings for me…”

Speaking of this, Du Jinli seemed a bit listless, giving people a hopeless feeling.

After getting Du Jinli’s confirmation, the members of the Du family were only shocked.

Not only were they shocked that Du Jinli finally had someone he liked, he was also shocked that Lu Zijia was right!

Seeing that her parents and brother were both shocked and uncertain, Du Xiangjun immediately played the role of her precious daughter’s fan and told them that someone spent a huge amount of money to hire her daughter for fortune-telling.

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In fact, she didn’t know much.
She only knew that someone spent a large sum of money to hire her daughter, but that didn’t affect her pride for her daughter.

After hearing what Du Xiangjun said, the members of the Du family were shocked for a long time.
Apparently, they had never thought that their grandson (niece) would become a Taoist Master.

After making a big move, Lu Zijia suddenly changed the subject before they could react.
“When I came in, I saw that the yard was quite empty.
I remember that Grandpa and Grandma liked flowers.
Did I remember wrongly?”

Old Lady Du and the others didn’t think much about the sudden change in topic.
They only thought she was just curious.

“You rarely see your grandparents these years.
It’s not strange that you remembered it wrong.”

In fact, she didn’t just rarely see them.
The number of times they met could be counted with one hand..
Old Lady Du was just afraid that her daughter would think too much, so she deliberately said something vague.

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