“It’s alright, it’s alright.
Your sister-in-law is talking nonsense.
Don’t take it seriously.” Old Lady Du said with a smile.
She immediately wanted to change the subject and pretend nothing happened.

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However, Du Xiangjun was already feeling uneasy in her mind because of what Lu Bochuan said.
After hearing what Zhong Qingran said now, she certainly wanted to confirm more urgently if the Du family was really falling.

“Mom, please tell me.
I’m a member of the Du family, right?” Du Xiangjun looked at her adoptive mother pleadingly.

Even though she had returned to the Du family now, it did not mean that her guilt towards the Du family had disappeared.

If something really happened to the Du family, she would definitely do her best to help, just to reduce the guilt in her heart.

Looking at her adoptive parents, who were much older than they were twenty years ago, Du Xiangjun couldn’t help but feel like crying again and tears just started to fall.

Seeing that her daughter was crying again, Old Lady Du quickly raised her dry old hand and wiped her tears for her in heartache.

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“Silly girl, why are you crying again? What if you don’t look pretty if you keep crying? Didn’t you hate not being pretty when you were small?”

It was fine if Old Lady Du didn’t comfort her, but as soon as she did, Du Xiangjun immediately burst into tears.

“Mom, Dad, I’m sorry.”

Du Xiangjun held her adoptive mother carefully, feeling her warmth just like when she was little.

Seeing this, Old Master Du’s old eyes couldn’t help but turn red.

Who said that the Du family raised an ungrateful person? See, their Xiao Jun was clearly filial.
Now, even if the two of them passed away, they would also be able to rest in peace.

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“Silly child, you’ve already said this many times.
Don’t say it again.
We all know and we’ve never blamed you.
As long as you’re fine, we’ll be relieved.”

Old Master Du patted her back and comforted her with a rare loving smile.

However, the more they said so, the more guilty and sorry Du Xiangjun felt.
She wanted to slap herself back then a few times for being so stubborn.

“Yeah, Xiao Jun, just remember that we’ll always be family.” Du Jinli also said.

Even though Du Jinqian didn’t say anything, her expression looked like she agreed with what her brother said.

Seeing that the members of the Du family were happy again and she was always excluded, Zhong Qingran, who had just stopped, immediately made a fuss again.

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“Haha, right, right, we’re all family.
Since we’re a family, Xiangjun, you won’t leave us to sink, right?”

Zhong Qingran ignored Du Jinqian’s warning gaze and said what she was about to say.

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“The last cosmetics company left in our family is about to collapse now.
I heard that you divorced Lu Bochuan and got all his properties.

“Before the Lu family was in trouble, they used to be one of the top in the capital.
Lu Bochuan was also the President of the Lu Group, so he must be quite rich.

“So, Xiangjun, you can’t leave our family in the lurch.
As long as you squeeze out some money between your fingers, you’ll be able to help our company survive.”

As Zhong Qingran spoke, the expressions of the members of the Du family became more and more unpleasant.
Du Jinqian even opened his mouth to rebuke her, but Zhong Qingran talked even louder, completely covering up his rebuke.

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After Zhong Qingran finished talking, she even raised her chin proudly, looking provocative like they couldn’t do anything to her.

“Brother, don’t be impulsive.”

Du Jinli quickly stopped Du Jinqian, who was about to get up, and said in a low voice, “It’s not the first time she’s said these things to agitate us.
We can’t fall into her trap.

“As you know, those people from the Zhong family are much more difficult to deal with than Sister-in-law.”

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