When Lu Zijia went in, she saw Du Xiangjun sitting next to Old Lady Du, who had white hair and a kind face.
Both of their eyes had turned red.

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Old Master Du, who was sitting next to Old Lady Du, looked dignified, but there was love in his eyes.

Seeing Lu Zijia come in, the dignified look on Old Master Du’s face immediately turned gentle.
“It’s been a few years.
Jiajia has grown so much.
Grandpa can’t help it now.”

Old Master Du’s teasing words made everyone present laugh and agree.

“Right, Jiajia is getting more and more beautiful.
She’s as pretty as Xiao Jun was back then.”

Old Lady Du looked at Lu Zijia with love and dragged Lu Zijia to sit next to her.

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“Mom, are you complimenting Xiao Jun or Jiajia?” Du Jinli smiled and teased his mother.

Du Jinli was handsome as well, but he had a flippant personality, which was totally different from Du Jinqian’s seriousness.

“Hey, you brat, you’re trying to misinterpret my words again, aren’t you?” Old Lady Du pretended to scold him furiously, but her old eyes were full of smiles.

Apparently, she wasn’t really angry.

Among everyone present, only the eldest daughter-in-law of the Du family, Zhong Qingran, didn’t speak.
She even looked slightly sullen.

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The members of the Du family still chatted and laughed as if they didn’t see anything.

And Lu Zijia and Du Xiangjun also sensibly didn’t lead the topic to Zhong Qingran.

Lu Zijia was thinking about how to change the topic to the design of this villa, but before she got the chance, Zhong Qingran, who was neglected by the Du family, started to make things difficult.

Zhong Qingran had already been repressing the anger in her stomach for a long time.
Seeing that the members of the Du family could still be so cheerful at this moment, pretending like nothing happened, the anger in her heart finally couldn’t be suppressed.

“Bang! Hey, that’s enough.
You’re still in the mood to talk and laugh at a time like this.
Shouldn’t you think about how to solve the problem?”

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Zhong Qingran banged on the table and stood up.
She looked down at the members of the Du family and said furiously.

What Zhong Qingran did immediately froze the originally cheerful atmosphere.

“Daughter-in-law, let’s talk about it later.
Sit down now.
If you don’t, get out!”

Old Master Du looked at Zhong Qingran with his old eyes.
His sharp gaze was full of warning.

Even though the Du family had fallen now, Old Master Du was someone who had made the Du family glorious for so many years after all.
The dignified aura on him was formed naturally, making Zhong Qingran, who still wanted to say something, turn pale and shut her mouth unwillingly.

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Apart from Old Master Du, everyone else in the Du family didn’t look good.
Even Du Jinqian looked at Zhong Qingran with a hint of impatience and reproach.

Du Jinqian married Zhong Qingran because of the connection with her family.
They originally thought that the connection would help the Du family.
They didn’t expect that it would bring the wolf into the house, making the Du family decline even faster.

And yet, the Zhong family did the Du family a huge favor on the outside and the Zhong family often threatened them to return the favor.
It could be imagined how frustrated the Du family was in their minds.

At that time, Du Jinqian wanted to divorce Zhong Qingran in a rage, but because of the newborn baby, he didn’t divorce her in the end.
However, he was very cold to Zhong Qingran afterwards.

In short, no one in the Du family liked Zhong Qingran or the Zhong family.

“Did something happen at home?”

After hearing what Zhong Qingran said, Du Xiangjun’s heart skipped a beat..
Apparently, she remembered what Lu Bochuan said to her.

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