Chapter 419: The Reason Why the Du Family’s Business Was Getting Worse (1)

At the old mansion of the Mu family.

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Hearing what Uncle He said about what happened between the Lu family and Xia Fangqing, Lu Zijia only raised her eyebrows indifferently and didn’t react.

Sometimes, it wasn’t that there was no karma.
It was just not time yet.
When the time came, it couldn’t be escaped even if one wanted to.

“Uncle He, you said that Lu Bochuan called my mother after he woke up.
Did she go to see him?” Lu Zijia asked.

Uncle He nodded.
“Madam Du just left her house.
She should be at the hospital.”

Lu Zijia poked the leaf of the Namo Buddha Lotus with her finger, then stood up and said, “Uncle He, please tell Second Master that I have something to do and I’m going out.”

Ever since Mu Tianyan met his “mother-in-law” last time, he somehow developed a habit of reporting to her every time he went out.

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After too many times, she was embarrassed not to “return the kindness,” so the two of them developed the habit of reporting to each other when they went out just like that in a few days.

“Alright, Madame.”

Uncle He replied with a smile and thought, “The relationship between Madame and Second Master is really getting better and better.”

At the hospital.

In a VIP ward.

“Lu Bochuan, what do you mean on the phone? What do you mean you can control the wealth of the Du family?”

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As soon as Du Xiangjun entered the ward, she bellowed at Lu Bochuan who was sitting up on the hospital bed furiously with her eyes full of anger.

At this moment, Du Xiangjun was no longer as cowardly and tolerant as she used to be in front of Lu Bochuan.
She glared at Lu Bochuan with hatred, as if she couldn’t wait to tear him apart.

What Du Xiangjun cared about the most was her family.
She already felt guilty about falling out with the Du family because she insisted on marrying Lu Bochuan back then.
She felt ashamed to see the members of the Du family again.

And now, Lu Bochuan threatened her with the Du family.
She was already rational enough not to strangle Lu Bochuan on the spot!

Lu Bochuan looked haggard and his face was pale.
He was even receiving fluids on his arm, looking like he was seriously ill.

However, when Du Xiangjun showed up, he immediately became spirited and his originally anxious heart immediately calmed down.

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“I’m not going to talk nonsense with you.
Give me 100 million and I’ll tell you what it means.” Lu Bochuan said directly, but his appetite wasn’t ordinarily huge.

Hearing what he said, Du Xiangjun held her anger in her mind and sneered, “Ha! After so many years, you’re still so arrogant and conceited.
What makes you think I’ll believe what you say? Why would I give you 100 million?

“I say you won’t have a good ending for the rest of your life, and as long as you give me a billion yuan, I’ll be able to change your life for you.
Do you believe me?”

However, Du Xiangjun had no idea that what she said casually was truly Lu Bochuan’s final ending…

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Lu Bochuan wanted to scold Du Xiangjun like he did in the past, but he suddenly remembered the situation he was in right now, so he forced himself to swallow his words.

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He immediately pretended to be profound and said, “Don’t you want to know why the Du family’s business is getting worse and worse? And why haven’t they been able to turn the table for more than ten years?”

Du Xiangjun was startled in her mind.
She immediately looked at Lu Bochuan with a sharper gaze.

Seeing that Du Xiangjun didn’t say anything, Lu Bochuan wasn’t annoyed at all.
He continued to say with a slightly proud tone, “You haven’t been back to the Du family for so many years.
You probably still don’t know that there’s only one small cosmetics company left in the Du family right now, right?

“In a year or two, the Du family won’t even be able to keep this small company.
You must think carefully..”

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