The girl’s eyes turned red as she spoke.
Apparently, she was very worried about her parents’ situation.

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Che Zhibin waved his hand casually, “Don’t worry.
Now that we’re here, I guarantee your parents will be fine.”


The girl immediately smiled through tears after hearing that and she looked at Che Zhibin with faint adoration in her eyes.


Lu Zijia following behind




This little girl was so easy to deceive.


This made her remember a saying in this world: She was tricked, but she still helped those people count money.

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“Our abilities are limited.
I’m afraid it’s not easy for us to bring the evil spirits here under control.
Stay behind me later and don’t run around,” Jin Junyi said to Lu Zijia seriously the moment before they entered the villa.


The corners of Lu Zijia’s mouth curved up as she said something with a profound meaning, “Evil spirits? I don’t think they’re necessarily evil spirits.”


They would judge whether there were evil spirits according to the thickness of the dark energy here.


However, Lu Zijia didn’t think so.
What was real evil? What was fake evil? Who could really distinguish between them completely?


Jin Junyi glanced at her because of what she said, but he found that he couldn’t see through Lu Zijia at all at this moment.


Before he could ask something, the few of them had already entered the villa.

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“Mom, Dad, the masters are here,” the little girl ran to her parents happily and told them the good news.


When Fei Dingshan and Madam Fei, who originally looked pale and were leaning on the couch weakly, heard their daughter say that the masters were here, they immediately pulled themselves together and got up, looking from behind their daughter emotionally.


But when they saw some young people walk up, they were startled.
Apparently they had never thought that these “masters” would be so young.


However, considering the status of the Special Administration Office of the Capital, they thought that even though these “masters” were young, they should be quite capable or they wouldn’t be able to get into the Special Administration Office.


Thinking about this, Fei Dingshan put a warm smile on his pale face and politely asked them to sit.


“Weiwei, go get some tea for our guests quickly,” Madam Fei pulled herself together and said to her daughter.

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After that, she was a bit overwhelmed and sat back on the couch again.


They used to have a servant at home.
However, after something happened to their family, that servant couldn’t bear it anymore and quit.


They wanted to hire another servant, but they all refused to come after knowing the family’s situation.


Right now, they could only ask their daughter to help serve the guests.
If not, it would be really rude.


Fei Dingshan was a man, so he was a bit better than her.
And yet, his legs were also shaking violently at the moment and he obviously almost couldn’t hold on anymore.


Jin Junyi noticed Fei Dingshan’s situation, so he quickly signaled Fei Dingshan to sit down and talk.

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Fei Dingshan smiled at him with gratitude before sitting down with some help from his wife.


Tong Kexin and Che Zhibin were sitting opposite Fei Dingshan and his wife when they suddenly felt a chill all over their bodies the moment they sat down, and they couldn’t help but shiver.


Tong Kexin and Che Zhibin didn’t mind at all.
They thought they felt chilly because the evil spirits in this villa were too powerful.


Lu Zijia clearly saw that Tong Kexin and Che Zhibin sat directly in the position of Grandpa Ghost and Grandma Ghost, overlapping with them.
Thus, it would be strange if they didn’t feel chilly.


Lu Zijia even heard Grandma Ghost and Grandpa Ghost displeasedly rebuke Tong Kexin and Che Zhibin for being impolite by taking their seats and not knowing how to respect their elders.


Lu Zijia immediately thought that these two elder ghosts were quite easy going because they found another place to sit after scolding Tong Kexin and Che Zhibin, sitting right next to Fei Dingshan.

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