Mu Zhong didn’t look good either and he said in an unfriendly tone, “Do you think I’m stupid? I’m just scaring them.
If we don’t rush out, should we wait for them to stop us instead?

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“If you want to go back, go ahead.
I can stop the car right now and let you get out!”

Xia Fangqing’s face still looked bad after being shouted at by him, but she didn’t say anything else.

After all, Mu Zhong was right.
If they didn’t take the opportunity to leave, it would be difficult for them to go after those reporters stopped them.

Thinking of the money in her arms and her rich life in the future, Xia Fangqing’s face gradually became better.

After the car left the villa area, Xia Fangqing finally remembered something.
“Wanyuan, we’re leaving the capital this time and won’t be back so soon.
Do you want to tell Nanbo about it first?

“How many years have you known each other? Even if he knows about your past, he shouldn’t mind.”

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The reason why Xia Fangqing persuaded her daughter like this was because she thought that although she had money in her hands, there wasn’t too much.
After all, money would always be used up one day.

If her daughter married into the Ye family, she wouldn’t have to worry about the day when they ran out of money in the future.
Besides, if her daughter married into a rich family, she could still bring her glory.

This was what Xia Fangqing thought in her mind, but Lu Wanyuan’s reply disappointed her.

“Mom, we’ll talk about this in the future!”

Hearing her mother mention Ye Nambo, Lu Wanyuan’s face froze.
She only said one sentence and was unwilling to say anything else.

A month ago, she was still thinking of using Ye Nambo to make Lu Zijia and her mother give up the lawsuit.

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Unexpectedly, they accidentally learned that Ye Nambo and the Song family had fallen out, so his status in the Ye family was in danger and he might even be separated from the Ye family.

Being separated was only a good way of saying it, but in fact, it was being kicked out.

After knowing this news, she originally wanted to ask someone in the Ye family that she knew about it.

However, unexpectedly, she had nightmares every time she closed her eyes for a week at that time, which almost gave her a breakdown.
How would she be in the mood to ask about Ye Nambo?

After she stopped having nightmares and had a good sleep, she couldn’t wait to go out and ask around.
The result she got was that Ye Nambo was removed from the position of Vice-President and the Song family even said that they had become irreconcilable enemies.

After hearing about this, Lu Wanyuan only felt like she was struck by lightning out of a clear sky.
She didn’t even know that the reporters took photos of her secretly.
She only knew that the photos were taken secretly when the news of her taking drugs came out.

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Even though she later proved that she didn’t take drugs, her reputation couldn’t be restored.
Besides, if the incident just then was reported by the reporters, her reputation would only get worse.

Thinking that she might not be able to marry into a rich family because of her reputation, Lu Wanyuan felt resentful in her mind!

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She hated the Lu family, Xia Fangqing and Mu Zhong, but the person she hated the most was Lu Zijia.

If Lu Zijia hadn’t caused so much trouble, how would the Lu family collapse right now? She wouldn’t be forced to leave the Lu family at all and her reputation wouldn’t become bad either!

Seeing her daughter’s twisted and resentful look, Xia Fangqing frowned and didn’t ask anymore.

“I don’t want to be in the car.
I don’t want to be in the car.
I still want ice cream and chips.
You bad people!

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“Boohoo, Mom doesn’t like me anymore.
I want Dad.
I don’t want Mom.

After settling down in the car for a while, Lu Yuan, who didn’t know what was going on, immediately started yelling again and even moved his arms and legs around.

After putting him in the passenger seat, Mu Zhong was in a hurry to drive out, so he didn’t put on the seat belt for him in time.

Seeing that he was about to drop off the car seat, Mu Zhong reached out one hand and pulled him back to sit properly.
“There’s nothing to eat in the car.
I’ll buy it for you later..
Sit here obediently now.”

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