Chapter 400: Her Trophies Were Stolen

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Noticing everyone’s weird gaze, Luo Baode finally couldn’t pretend anymore and said in embarrassment, “Hey, little girl, I’m here to save your life.

“It’s fine if you don’t thank me, but why are you asking me so many questions? You’re not a problematic child!”

After that, Luo Baode even grunted intentionally and ignored Lu Zijia after that.
He squatted down directly and looked for something on Taoist Xuening’s body.

Soon, a few things appeared in his hands, including a small, exquisite scarecrow with a talisman wrapped around it.

Luo Baode picked up the talisman and took a look.
There was indeed his date of birth and the eight characters of horoscope on it!

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Thinking that Taoist Xueningg gave him no choice but to buy a floral shirt that didn’t suit his style at all and even made him lose 25 yuan and 6 cents for nothing, he immediately felt even more furious and frustrated in his mind.

Lu Zijia, who was labeled as a problematic child, saw him squatting down and thought he wanted to reunite and have a chat with Taoist Xuening.

However, she had never thought that he would collect the trophies from Taoist Xuening before she did!


Lu Zijia immediately put her hands on her waist like a chicken that was protecting its food, looking like she was going to fight Luo Baode with her life any moment.

She was the one who defeated Taoist Xuening.
The trophies were hers.
If anyone dared to snatch her trophies, she would beat them up even if that was the Director!

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It would have been fine if Lu Zijia didn’t shout, but after she did, Luo Baode seemed to be startled and he immediately put the good stuff he got into his arms and covered the things tightly with his hands.

It looked like the strongest defensive posture of a miser for protecting his property.
If it weren’t that the conditions didn’t allow it, he would probably have put a shield in front of him.

“What? Just call my name.
Why do you have to be so loud? I’m not deaf.”

Luo Baode pretended to be blaming her, but his hands that were firmly protecting his chest didn’t relax at all.

Besides, he even moved his feet towards the door bit by bit, thinking that nobody noticed.

Mu Yunhao and the others, who saw his sneaky move clearly: “…”

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Lu Zijia ignored his nonsense and stared at the things he covered in front of his chest firmly.
She gritted her teeth and said word by word, “These… are… my… trophies!”

Even though the Director was also here to save her, he only came after she defeated Taoist Xuening!

So, the Director shouldn’t get any of the trophies at all!

And now, he took away her trophies openly right in front of her.
What was he trying to do?

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In the cultivation world, someone like the Director would definitely be beaten to death!

Luo Baode felt guilty because of her stare, but he still held the things firmly and didn’t let them go.
“What do you mean they’re your trophies? I dealt with her myself.
These are lso my trophies.

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“Also, Taoist Xuening is the Deputy Director of the office.
As the Director, I certainly have the responsibility of keeping her things for her.
You little girl, don’t interfere.”

Luo Meide made himself sound like he was righteous and loyal.
People who didn’t know him might think he was a kind-hearted superior!

But in fact, that was obviously the miser in him that acted up!

After saying that, Luo Baode didn’t give Lu Zijia a chance to speak again.
He turned around and slipped away with the good stuff he got in his hands.

That smiling face that was as bright as a chrysanthemum flower was simply too dazzling!

Watching Luo Baode disappear at the door, Lu Zijia didn’t chase after him like Mu Yunhao and the others expected, but rolled her eyes rudely.

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