A ferocious look appeared upon Tong Kexin’s beautiful face at the very next second.

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However, Jin Junyi stopped Che Zhibin’s peach-wood sword with a single hand, and no matter how much force Che Zhibin tried to use, he was unable to move it an inch.

“Jin Junyi, what are you doing!” Che Zhibin snapped at Jin Junyi furiously who stopped him.

Suddenly, a touch of a grudge flashed over his eyes.

“Jin Junyi, you can’t have fallen for this coward, have you?”

“You have to think it through – she is a woman who tried to seduce her future brother-in-law.
It won’t do you any good if you want to get involved with her!”

What Che Zhibin said basically meant that he had already heard what had happened between Lu Zijia and the Lu Family.

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Or maybe, someone intentionally spread the rumor, so everyone knew about what had happened.

Seriousness dominated Jin Junyi’s steadfast face.
He threw a disapproving look at Che Zhibin.

“Fellow Che, I just don’t want you to hurt the innocent.”

“I think the reason why Miss.
Lu has a different personality because she has experienced something different, not because she was affected by something filthy.”

Jin Junyi was a man of integrity.
He did not really like the cowardly and timid original host…

However, he never humiliated the original host and also helped the original host numerous times.

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Lu Zijia threw a calm look at Jin Junyi, who had his back to her, whilst giving up the magical energy that was at her fingertips.

“You are just guessing.
You didn’t….” Che Zhibin continued to snap.
Apparently, he did not want to give up Lu Zijia for just this reason.

However, Tong Kexin interrupted him before he could finish.

“If Fellow Jin doesn’t think there is anything wrong with Lu Zijia, then we might have been mistaken.”

People outside the office assumed that those who got enrolled to The Special Administration Office of Capital must be having an extraordinarily splendid time.

As a matter of fact, however, they were just disgraced disciples who had common abilities.

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Due to their common abilities and the disgrace they received, the schools gave them few resources to share.

In order to improve their magical skills, these disgraced disciples had to find other resources to practice on their own.

She and Che Zhibin belonged to the Maoshan School and had common abilities.
That was why they were out seeking for resources of their own.

Jin Junyi, on the other hand, was different.
He was a gifted man and a lineal disciple of an Elder member of the Buddhism School.

The reason why he joined The Special Administration Office of Capital was only because he came here for personal practice.

He was totally different from the disgraced disciples like the rest of them.
That was why she was holding a very complicated attitude towards Jin Junyi.

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She was both jealous of him but also tried to suck up with him so she could get some profits from him.

Before Che Zhibin, who was in total disbelief, spoke again, Tong Kexin added.
“Anyway, let’s leave now.
The clients are going through a strange situation there, and the chief is asking for us.”

Having said those words, Tong Kexin pulled Che Zhibin away and headed towards the car parked not far away.

“Hang on,” Lu Zijia stopped Tong Kexin who intended to leave, and she again opened her skinny hand.

“You haven’t given me back the 5,000 yuan.
If you don’t return it now, I will have to add interest.”

“When the interest rate increases, the money will get more and more.
By that time, I will earn millions more!”

Lu Zijia was wearing a smile, but somehow, she was pushing an unknown pressure upon her.

Tong Kexin’s face sank.
Yet because of Jin Junyi’s presence, she could not make Jin Junyi hate her because of such a small sum.

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