“Second Master of Mu, you are smart.
You must be completely aware that I am innocent.
What is the point of wasting a bullet on an innocent girl like me?”

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Slowly, Lu Zijia raised her arms.
Her bright eyes solo blinked, making her look completely harmless.

However, anyone from Cultivation World would know that Lu Zijia was actually a demon.
She just hid her true self and made a lot of people suffer losses.


Anyone who did not watch out for her would always end up in smoke.

Mu Tianyan’s eyes sank as he looked at Lu Zijia, who was different from what he had expected.
He felt that he was stuck in a bottomless whirl, surrounded by potential dangers.

Lu Zijia started to make very small movements on her feet, and she was about to do something when the man spoke.

“Tell me a reason why I should not kill you.”


The man’s voice was unusually cold, yet the way he spoke sounded rather charming and lustful.

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That made Lu Zijia, who was especially into men’s voices, utterly obsessed.
His voice was incredibly enjoyable to her ears!


This man not only had a perfectly handsome face but also a charming voice.
He was totally desirable.

Excitement arose inside Lu Zijia’s heart, but she still showed an innocent look on her face.

“A reason? I already told you, I am innocent.”

Mu Tianyan’s thin lips were closed.
His brutal eyes were gazing at Lu Zijia.
Apparently, he did not buy what she had said.

The man loaded the gun in a calm, elegant way.
Lu Zijia was at a loss for words.

What a difficult man to deal with! How annoying that he needed to hear a satisfying reason!

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Lu Zijia started to quickly think inside her head.
She was searching hard to find a reason that could convince Mu Tianyan.

Soon, she thought of an excuse as she glanced at the man’s two legs quickly.

“I can cure your legs.”


According to her memories, Mu Tianyan became paralyzed because of a car accident.
Even famous doctors confirmed that he would never stand on his feet again.

The doctors of this world might not be able to cure Mu Tianyan, but Lu Zijia was the most talented Master of Elixirs in Cultivation World.
She was confident in helping this extraordinary man back onto his feet.

Sharpness flashed across Mu Tianyan’s eyes as he spoke in an intimidatingly dangerous way, “You are very confident in yourself, aren’t you? But I wonder if the Lu Family will be able to help you!”

Judging from what Mu Tianyan had said, Lu Zijia was aware that he knew pretty well who she was and what her family intended to do.

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Lu Zijia’s eyelids fluttered.
She felt that Mu Tianyan was getting increasingly dangerous.

Although she had not yet sorted out all the memories in her head, she knew that the reason why she and Mu Tianyan had ended up in the same room together was because they had been set up by the Lu Family and Mo Family.


However, how Mu Tianyan behaved made her suspect that he had known all of this ahead of time?

Lu Zijia blinked.
She was now unable to figure out what Mu Tianyan really wanted.

Lu Zijia moved her lips and was about to say something when another wave of heat arose inside her.
It was as if the heat was trying to break through her body as she almost uttered a groan.

With her teeth tightly clenched, Lu Zijia was trying to press down the fevery heat roiling inside her body.

Damn, the two men must have inserted something inside the original host that got increasingly strong as time passed.

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Mu Tianyan saw her every move, and a touch of confusion flashed across his eyes.

A moment later, he slowly put down the gun.

“Come here.”

It sounded as if he was ordering her, which Lu Zijia had no way to turn down.

As Lu Zijia was trying very hard to press down the strange feeling inside her body, she was also sparing no effort to show a calm and nonchalant look on her face.

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