Chapter 396: The Second Master Who Makes People Worried

However, before she went downstairs, she sensed that Mu Tianyan and the others were already heading upstairs.

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Lu Zijia frowned even more deeply, looking a bit frustrated at the same time.

Mu Tianyan truly didn’t know how to cherish his body.

She had just forced the poison out of him this morning.
He should be taking rest after that, but he had already come out and wandered around in less than a day.
He truly… made people worried!

Lu Zijia didn’t realize that she was worrying about Mu Tianyan unconsciously…

While Lu Zijia was thinking about all kinds of things, the Deputy Director, who was preparing to cast a spell with her eyes closed, suddenly opened her old eyes and looked at the door with her eyes as ghastly as those of a venomous snake.

Apparently, she had already noticed that someone was here.

Thinking that someone would ruin her plan, the expression on the Deputy Director’s face couldn’t help but distort greatly.
The human skin stuck to her face seemed to show signs of loosening and falling.

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“Damn it! Everyone who stops me from completing my plan deserves to die! All of them!”

As soon as the Deputy Director said the last word, she suddenly made a vicious attack at the door.

Lu Zijia’s expression turned cold.
The Deputy Director must ask for her permission if she wanted to kill the person she was protecting!

The moment the Deputy Director attacked, Lu Zijia immediately moved and used 80% of her strength to block the Deputy Director’s full-power attack.


She originally thought she could kill the girl, who was rushing up, with one attack.
Unexpectedly, her attack was blocked.

Besides, the person who blocked her full-power attack without being injured was the little girl she was about to take the body from!

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This… This was impossible, impossible!

She had already figured out what this little girl was capable of.
The girl had only started practicing sorcery a few months ago.
How could she possibly be strong enough to fight against her?

She was even stronger than her!

Daoist Xue Ning couldn’t accept this.
She couldn’t accept it.
Under such a huge blow, her mind became unstable and she suddenly spurted out a mouthful of blood.

And the array she had already initiated also stopped forcibly because of this.

Noticing that the barrier that trapped him had disappeared, Che Zhibin couldn’t care about anything else and immediately wanted to take the opportunity to escape.

At the same time, he swore in his mind that he would definitely come back to take revenge on Lu Zijia and make her pay with her life!

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However, he had completely forgotten that he caused his own death.
Besides, Lu Zijia wasn’t the one who killed him…

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And yet, Che Zhibin only thought well in his mind, but he forgot that this could only be fulfilled after he escaped.

“Fellow Che, where are you going? Why don’t I give you a lift?” Lu Zijia’s eyes curved, but what she said made Che Zhibin extremely panicked.

However, before he begged for mercy, Lu Zijia threw him to Hell quickly and directly, leaving him to the judge.

Mu Tianyan was about to come up.
She didn’t want anything to happen to the person she had just treated halfway.

So, she must deal with the matter here before Mu Tianyan and the others came up.

After all, a cunning person like the Deputy Director would most likely play dirty tricks.
If Mu Tianyan got hit accidentally, she would have to treat him again.

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He might even take the opportunity to make her owe him another karma, so she must end this quickly!

While thinking of this, Lu Zijia had already made her move and attacked the Deputy Director directly.

Seeing that Lu Zijia dared to attack her directly, the Deputy Director was so enraged that his face became even more distorted.

However, the two of them started fighting fiercely in an instant and made quite a commotion in the small space.

Hearing the noises, Mu Tianyan and the others immediately went upstairs a bit faster..

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