Chapter 395: Why Is Mu Tianyan Here?

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She didn’t think she had done anything wrong to Che Zhibin.
Instead, Che Zhibin used to bully the original host all the time.
She hadn’t even settled the scores with them, but Che Zhibin wanted her dead?

This was truly… unreasonable!

Lu Zijia didn’t think she had the heart of a saint to save someone who wanted her life.

If she really saved him, wouldn’t she be very foolish and aggrieved if Che Zhibin turned against her again and took her life in the future?

She would never do something so stupid.

“Lu Zijia, help… me… Help me…”

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Perhaps Che Zhibin’s desire to live was too strong or something, so he actually started asking Lu Zijia for help.

He wanted to take her life one moment ago and asked her for help the next.
She must say that he really treated her as a fool and was very thick-skinned at the same time!

However, he was about to die, so it was normal for him to be a bit thick-skinned.

But no matter how thick-skinned Che Zhibin was, Lu Zijia had no intention of saving him.

She might be cold-blooded and merciless, but she would never let the tiger return to the mountain.

“When I die, it’ll be your turn.
Ahem, ahem.
If you don’t save me, you’ll… you’ll die too…”

Che Zhibin’s eyes became more and more unfocused, but his desire to live became stronger and stronger.

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The corners of Lu Zijia’s mouth curled up into a sneer.
“Don’t worry.
Even if you die, I can still live.”

If this happened a month ago, she might not be a match for the Deputy Director, but her power of the peak of the second level of Qi practicing was enough to deal with her now!

Besides, the Deputy Director was already at the end of her rope right now, so she was even more confident that she could win.

“You… You…”

Che Zhibin’s eyes were full of hatred.
He wanted to say something, but he couldn’t say anything after he opened his mouth for a long time.
His eyes, which were full of hatred, were still wide open.

Apparently, he couldn’t die in peace.

However, this wasn’t the end yet, because after Che Zhibin stopped breathing, the Deputy Director, who had been waiting for a long time, grinned and started casting a spell with her dry hands.

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After a while, Che Zhibin’s spirit slowly rose from his body that had just stopped breathing.

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Perhaps he realized that even his soul would be sacrificed by the Deputy Director, so he tried his best to escape outside.

However, the blood-red circle on the ground seemed to be supporting an invisible barrier.
No matter how ferocious Che Zhibin looked and how furious he was, he couldn’t break through it.

“Witch, what are you trying to do? Let me go now! Let me go now!”

Che Zhibin’s eyes were glowing with red light as he yelled at the Deputy Director, who was casting a spell with her eyes closed, full of resentment.

However, before he finished yelling, he immediately let out a heart-wrenching scream, as if his soul was being ripped apart, causing excruciating pain.

Lu Zijia didn’t look at the spell cast by the Deputy Director.
She only saw that Che Zhibin’s ghost became increasingly transparent, as if he would disappear completely from the world at any moment.

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Suddenly, Lu Zijia, who acted like she had nothing to do with this, focused her gaze and frowned slightly.

She immediately scanned around again with her deity-sense with a bit of uncertainty.
It was really Mu Tianyan!

Why would this man appear here so coincidentally? This was an abandoned area.
Was he here to do something that couldn’t be exposed?

And yet, with Mu Tianyan’s identity, he didn’t need to come here even if he wanted to find a place without anyone.

So, what exactly was that man doing here?

Alright, she had to admit that she didn’t understand this man, who kept calling her Madam, again.

However, the place was no longer suitable for Mu Tianyan to deal with other things..
She should go down and inform him.

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