Chapter 394: The Ending of Che Zhibin (2)

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After saying that, Lu Zijia suddenly corrected herself again and said, as if something was definitely wrong, “Right, Deputy Director, you already knew that.
So, that’s an extra crime?

“Ah, Deputy Director, you’ve committed such serious crimes.
The King of Hell will definitely throw you into a pot of oil and fry you.
Tut-tut, I wonder if you smell good or bad after you’re being fried.”

Lu Zijia said as she touched her chin with one hand, as if she was seriously thinking about the smell of the Deputy Director after she was being fried.

The Deputy Director, who used to compliment Lu Zijia a lot at first, looked extremely pale after hearing what Lu Zijia said.
Those creepy old eyes of hers seemed like she was poisoned.

“Good, good! What a clever girl with strong eloquence.
I’ll see if you can still be as sharp-tongued as you are now when I extract your soul and refine it!”

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As soon as her furious voice sounded, the Deputy Director suddenly reached out her dry old hand to Che Zhibin, who looked terrified, and controlled him to walk towards her.

“No, no, no, no, Master, please let me go.
You and I are both disciples of the Maoshan Sect.
The disciples of the Maoshan Sect are not allowed to harm fellow disciples.
Master, have you forgotten?”

Seeing that Taoist Xuening really did something to him, Che Zhibin was completely panicked this time.
He tried his best to regain the ability to move his legs and escape.

However, his level of cultivation was nothing in front of Taoist Xuening.
How could he possibly break free?

“Kid, blame yourself for knowing too much.

“I originally didn’t want your life, but you insisted on asking me for the soul of this little girl.
I can’t let anyone know about this, so you can only die.”

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Taoist Xuening’s words made Che Zhibin understand why he had to die.

“Tut-tut, Fellow Che, oh, Fellow Che, why did you go astray and dig your own grave? Ah… There are really many cases in this world where people harm themselves while hurting others in the end!”

Lu Zijia watched the drama as a bystander while shaking her head and exclaiming in a fake way that seemed as she should.

She looked so irritating.

However, Che Zhibin, who was on the verge of dying at this moment, didn’t have the energy to be angry anymore.
He only begged Taoist Xuening for forgiveness constantly and swore all kinds of oaths, promising her that he wouldn’t tell anyone.

Unfortunately, Taoist Xuening was determined to kill him.
She wouldn’t care about his plea and oath at all.

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While Che Zhibin was still begging for mercy and swearing, Taoist Xuening’s dry, old hand pierced through his abdomen mercilessly and even dug it like she was playing.


Without Taoist Xuening’s control, Che Zhibin, whose body was twitching violently, fell to the ground with a loud crash.
Bright red blood surged out of his pierced abdomen.

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The blood oozing out of Che Zhibin’s abdomen seemed to be guided by something as it quickly surged into the flowing runes and merged with them.

After piercing Che Zhibin’s abdomen with her hand, Taoist Xuening didn’t do anything else, as if she was waiting for something.
The expression on her face was very creepy and terrifying.

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“Ahem… Ahem, ahem…”

Che Zhibin, who was lying on the runes, coughed out two mouthfuls of bright red blood because of the wound on his abdomen.
His eyes were a bit unfocused and he looked like he had only a breath left.

Lu Zijia just looked at his miserable condition indifferently without any intention of saving him.

She originally thought that Che Zhibin only made things difficult for her because he didn’t like her..
She had never expected that he had already reached the point where he wanted her life.

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