Chapter 393: The Ending of Che Zhibin (1)

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At the same time, a cold wind was blowing in this small space creepily.
It sounded like ghosts crying and wolves howling.

If there were ordinary people here at such a strange scene, they would probably pass out from fright right away?

The Deputy Director in front of her activated the array and was about to sacrifice the soul and flesh of the last person to the array.
Lu Zijia, who was originally standing obediently on the side, suddenly spoke.

“Fellow Che, aren’t you running? If you don’t run now, it’ll be too late.”

Lu Zijia sounded a bit cheeky, but it made Che Zhibin’s heart skip a beat.

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He happened to suddenly meet the Deputy Director’s creepy old eyes at this moment.
The uneasiness and fear in his heart became even stronger.

At first, he didn’t understand what the two of them were talking about, nor did he understand what Lu Zijia meant by she wasn’t the only one.
But right now, he seemed to understand a bit.

But how was that possible?!

Even though the Maoshan Sect didn’t prohibit their disciples from fighting, they definitely couldn’t kill people from the same sect, or they would be kicked out of the sect and would even be chased to the end of the world by the sect.

If his Master attacked him, wouldn’t she be afraid of being hunted down by the sect?

Seeing that he was so frightened that he dared not to run even if he wanted to, Lu Zijia seemed to have known what he was thinking in his mind and explained to him “kindly.”

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“This array set up by your Master is a dark art array.
Nine lives have already been sacrificed before you.
Together with you, there would be exactly ten lives.

“Your Master thinks that as long as she sacrifices ten lives, she will be able to use this array to successfully take over my body.
Don’t you think it’s ridiculous?

“Only someone from the Maoshan Sect can think of such a despicable and immoral method.”

Even though Lu Zijia was smiling on her face, her tone was cold and bone-piercing, like cold thorns that made people painful.

“Oh, no, the funniest thing isn’t this.
It’s that your Master peeled the faces of more than ten women and tried to stick them on her face in order to pursue her appearance.

“In order to make her face look more natural, those women were still alive before she peeled off their faces.”

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Lu Zijia stopped talking and turned to the Deputy Director when she said this.
“Am I right, Deputy Director?”

After hearing what Lu Zijia said, the Deputy Director didn’t refute her, but smiled creepily instead.

Che Zhibin’s face became paler and paler.
The intense fear in his mind made his body tremble uncontrollably and his feet almost stepped back subconsciously.

However, as soon as he took a step back, he found that he was stuck right there and he couldn’t take another step.

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Compared to Che Zhibin’s fear, the Deputy Director looked at Lu Zijia with admiration.
“Little girl, you know a lot.
I guess the Director told you about it?”

Without waiting for Lu Zijia to reply, she said again, “Looks like the Director has already suspected me.
I really can’t underestimate him!”

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Lu Zijia ignored her exclamation as she nodded and admitted it straightforwardly, “Yeah, the Director told me about it secretly and asked me to stay away from you and not be alone with you.

“Oh right, the Director even asked me to inform him when you come to find me!

“Actually, even though the Director is a little miserly, he’s quite a nice person.
At least he’s upright, isn’t he?

“But Deputy Director, you’ve killed so many people.
After you die, you’ll probably be banished to the eighteenth level of hell.

“Ah, it seems that I’m really talking too much..
Deputy Director, you’re also a Taoist Master.
How would you not know that you’d be sent to the eighteenth level of hell to be tortured after murdering so many people?”

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