Chapter 392: Worried About the Deputy Director’s Face Falling While She Laughed

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“Deputy Director, I’m not your only target today, am I?” Even though Lu Zijia was asking a question, she sounded very certain.

Apparently, she was telling the Deputy Director indirectly that she already knew what she wanted to do.

As expected, after hearing what she said, a trace of viciousness and gloominess flashed across the old eyes of the Deputy Director, who was only a bit skeptical at first.

This smart little girl had indeed seen through her main purpose as soon as she came in.

But so what even if she knew? The little girl had already walked into her cage.
She could never be able to get out again!

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“Hahaha, you’re indeed someone I like.
Not only are you beautiful, but you’re also smart enough to make people love you.
I’ve been looking for someone for so long.
You’re indeed the right person.”

The Deputy Director burst into laughter.
Her laughter was sharp and piercing, as if it could penetrate people’s eardrums.

After laughing, the Deputy Director suddenly put on a loving look again and asked, “Come, little girl, tell me.
How did you see through my mind? Do you know about this array?”

Lu Zijia was already used to her creepy face-changing behavior.
She was just worried in her mind if her face would fall off when she laughed.

After all, the secret face-changing art used by the Deputy Director had already lost its effect.
Her face was just stuck on her right now.

If the facial muscles moved too much, they would drop.

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Tsk, tsk.
She didn’t hesitate to peel off her own skin and put on someone else’s skin for beauty.
In the end, her face was even forced to be paralyzed.
How tragic and lamentable!

So, women were truly unreasonable sometimes in order to maintain their beauty!

Lu Zijia nodded and replied very nicely, “Right, I know this kind of array and I can see that the array you’ve set up right now isn’t even comparable to the defective ones.


Speaking of this, Lu Zijia stared at the Deputy Director’s old eyes and said word by word, “You can’t possibly succeed.”

“Girl, don’t think that I’ll let you go just because you talk nonsense.”

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As soon as Lu Zijia finished talking, the Deputy Director shouted and warned her in a sharp voice, “I think you better listen to me, so you won’t suffer too much!”

Even though the Deputy Director said so, she was indeed shaken by Lu Zijia in his mind.

She wanted to interrogate Lu Zijia about the complete array, but she didn’t have much time left.
Even if she did, it would still be a problem whether she had enough time to prepare for it.

So, in order to survive and live beautifully, she must continue taking over her body!

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Lu Zijia shrugged and showed a helpless look like she was saying, “Alright, do whatever you want.” Then, she took two steps to the side to make enough room for her.

The Deputy Director didn’t seem to have thought that Lu Zijia would really listen to her obediently.
She stared at her coldly for a while and saw that Lu Zjia seemed to be really waiting for death obediently, so she also looked away.

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The little girl was already here anyway.
Even if she wanted to play tricks, she wouldn’t be able to escape from Taoist Xuening’s hands!

After thinking so confidently, the Deputy Director cut her dry palm and let the obviously abnormal black blood drip on the runes drawn on the ground.

The moment the dark black blood dripped on the runes, the bright red runes on the ground immediately seemed to come alive and started flowing slowly.

The originally not very strong smell of blood immediately became pungent and nauseating, as if this small space was a brutal battlefield with countless casualties.

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