Chapter 389: The Intention of Robbing Someone’s Den

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Lu Zijia ignored Che Zhibin’s envious, jealous and resentful gaze and continued to say in an “innocently” tone, “I heard from the Director that you have a lot of good stuff, Deputy Director.
If I become your direct disciple, will you give me all that good stuff?”

Lu Zijia was still upset about only getting three trophies after “defeating” Old Weird Taoist last time!

So, after seeing through Che Zhibin’s purpose this time, she came with him obediently.

Che Zhibin was a pauper.
He probably didn’t have anything good with him, so she might as well rob the person behind him.
Perhaps that person would be extremely rich.

Besides, she thought Che Zhibin must be taking her to the den and the den would certainly have quite a lot of treasures.

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Ah, No, it wasn’t a robbery.
It was the spoils after her victory.

She was a good Taoist Master who studied hard and improved herself every day.
She would definitely not rob people.

Speaking of which, Taoist Xuening was the Deputy Director of the Special Administration Office.
She should have a lot of money, right?

Thinking of this, Lu Zijia’s eyes became brighter and brighter, as if there were two lightbulbs inside.

Taoist Xuening, who was on the top floor and wasn’t showing up yet, had no idea what Lu Zijia was thinking in her mind at this moment, so she continued to coax her “nicely.”

“Of course, as long as you become my direct disciple, you can choose whatever treasure you like.

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“I’ve never had children my whole life and I’ve never had any direct disciples.
So, when I pass away, all my treasures will be yours.”

She must say that the bait Taoist Xuening let out was quite huge.
Lu Zijia still hadn’t reacted, but the greed in Che Zhibin’s eyes had already been exposed completely when he heard that.

“Really? That’s great.
Can I become your direct disciple now?”

Lu Zijia’s eyes brightened and she looked very excited.

In fact, she was indeed excited.
After all, she would get a lot of treasures later.
It would be strange if she wasn’t excited!

The Deputy Director’s voice became even more loving.
“Of course.
Come, little girl, come up.
You can become my direct disciple as soon as you’re here.”

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Before going upstairs, Lu Zijia deliberately showed a beaming smile and raised her eyebrows at Che Zhibin, who was so jealous that his eyes turned red.
That was a blatant provocation, wasn’t it?

Che Zhibin, who was provoked by her, almost bit his white teeth to pieces and he clenched his fists so hard that they made cracking sounds.

At this moment, Che Zhibin was extremely jealous and unwilling to accept it in his mind, but he still followed her upstairs in the end.

He had already offended Lu Zijia.
He couldn’t offend his Master as well.
Otherwise, he wouldn’t even be able to stay in the Administration Office, let alone the sect.

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Lu Zijia walked elegantly, as if she was strolling leisurely.
She was so slow that Che Zhibin, who followed behind her upstairs, gritted his teeth in hatred.

Sensing Che Zhibin’s anger rising, Lu Zijia’s mood became better.

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Seeing that her enemy gnashed his teeth in hatred but couldn’t kill her really made her feel excited in her mind!

Alright, Lu Zijia had to admit that when she was dealing with her enemies, all the evilness in her would be awakened instantly, and it was the kind that couldn’t be stopped at all.

After Lu Zijia “strolled” to the seventh floor slowly, five minutes had already passed.

As soon as Lu Zijia stepped into the door of the seventh floor, she immediately sensed strong viciousness, dark energy, Yin energy and resentment, as if all kinds of evil spirits were fighting fiercely.

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