Anyway, Tong Kexin did not like Lu Zijia in any way, so she kept picking on her.

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Faced with Tong Kexin’s accusation, Lu Zijia laughed, “You are the Taoist Master, and you can’t even drive away demons without amulets?”

“Or, are you only able to drive away demons with amulets?”

Before Tong Kexin was able to talk again, Lu Zijia added, “Also, I am part of the office, not your slave.”

“And… I bought amulet papers for you in the past, but you never paid me.”

“But we are colleagues, so just pay me back 5,000 yuan without fares.”

Lu Zijia then stretched out her hand to Tong Kexin.
She was getting her debt back.


Tong Kexin wasn’t the only one who was surprised: The men behind her were surprised too.

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In the past, Lu Zijia used to keep her head lowered, so weak and cowardly like she was nobody other than a servant.

What happened to her today?

She seemed to be a completely different person now.
Was Lu Zijia really standing in front of them?

After getting startled, Tong Kexin and her gang immediately assumed that Lu Zijia was affiliated with some demons.

Otherwise, what made her change so tremendously so quickly?

“Who are you! How dare you interfere with our office.
You are doomed!”

Che Zhibin, who had yellow-dyed hair, took a step forward and shielded Tong Kexin as if a hero.
He then took out a peach-wood sword and pointed it at Lu Zijia.

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Lu Zijia looked at Che Zhibin as if she were staring at an idiot.

“If you think I am a ghost, then I am dead already.
Why should I be afraid of death?”

Also, ghosts often ended up in smoke!

It seemed that not all the Taoist Masters of this office were smart enough.


Che Zhibin became extremely angry.
What he was trying to do was act like a hero in front of Tong Kexin so that she could fall for him.

He was talking fiercely so as to look intimidating.

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However, Lu Zijia got him!

“Fellow Che, don’t be impulsive.
I don’t think that Fellow Lu is affiliated with anything filthy,” Jin Junyi, a man who had a clean-cut hairstyle, said.
He stopped Che Zhibin, who was about to make a move.

Lu Zijia had a pair of clear eyes, and he did not sense anything strange from her body.

Obviously, Lu Zijia was totally fine.
At least, she did not have anything filthy with her.

As for why Lu Zijia suddenly had a different personality….
Jin Junyi fathomed the cause directly.

“Fellow Jin, we know that you belong to Buddhism and have a soft heart.”

“But you have to be clear in your mind.
Lu Zijia has something filthy in her and we are just helping her out,” Tong Kexin said with a tone of justice.

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As for whether or not it was her real thought… no one knew.

“Yes, Fellow Jin, you can stand by if you don’t want to make a move.
I can deal with her alone,” Che Zhibin agreed with what Tong Kexin said as he flung away Jin Junyi’s arm and started to cut directly at Lu Zijia.

Seeing Lu Zijia at the verge of being cut, Tong Kexin looked even more lethal than before.

She naturally had sensed that Lu Zijia was not affiliated with anything filthy after getting surprised at the beginning.

But how dare this cowardly woman talk against her and humiliate her in front of her fellows.
She had to die!

She would be totally humiliated if this cowardly woman was not taught a lesson right now!

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