Chapter 386: Che Zhibin’s Purpose

When he found out that Lu Zijia came out of the Mu family today, he immediately went to the Mu family.
Unfortunately, he was one step too slow.
After that, it took him a long time to locate her.

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It was not until Lu Zijia walked out of the school entrance that he found her, panting.
Then he followed her here.

Che Zhibin, who had been waiting bitterly for a month, couldn’t help but look a bit sullen after hearing that.

Suddenly, he had an idea.
He thought of a way to make Lu Zijia go with him willingly.

Che Zhibin immediately looked much better.
“Something did happen.
Fellow Lu, you haven’t been at the office for a month, so you might not know that our Director was attacked.

“According to the Director, it was some evil dark art Taoist Masters who attacked him, not one, but several.

“So, the Director gathered everyone in the Special Administration Office for a meeting.
Seeing that you still haven’t arrived for a long time, the Director sent me out to notify you.”

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Che Zhibin spoke vividly, as if this really happened.

However, Lu Zijia didn’t believe his nonsense.

If the Director wanted to find her, he could call her.
Even if he couldn’t reach her through her number, he could still leave a message at the Mu family.

Unfortunately, none of these happened.

On the other hand, if Che Zhibin was really to inform her, he should do so when he saw her, instead of following her all the way here.

So, what was Che Zhibin’s purpose?

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Suddenly, for some reason, Lu Zijia thought of Deputy Director, Taoist Xuening’s weird gaze when she looked at her in the secret chamber the other day.

Wait! Che Zhibin was a disciple of the Maoshan Sect.
She remembered the Director reminded her that the Deputy Director was also a disciple of the Maoshan Sect and was Che Zhibin’s Master.

Thinking of the relationship between the two of them, plus Che Zhibin’s dislike of her, Lu Zijia narrowed her eyes slightly and a trace of coldness quickly flashed through them.

Lu Zijia pretended to be shocked.
“A dark art Taoist Master attacked the Director? Is the Director alright?”

Seeing that Lu Zijia seemed to believe him, Che Zhibin was delighted in his mind, but he said with a serious look on his face, “The Director is quite seriously injured, so he gathered everyone in the office to go to his house to discuss strategies.

“Alright, let’s not talk about that for now.
Come with me quickly.
Don’t keep the Director and the others waiting.”

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Afraid that he would expose himself, Che Zhibin pretended to be in a hurry and urged Lu Zijia to go with him.

Lu Zijia didn’t leave with him immediately as he wished, but looked like she was in a dilemma.
“It’s a bit late now.
I’ll make a call home and tell them about it.”

Lu Zijia said as she took out her phone and was about to call Mu Tianyan.

Lu Zijia deliberately held the phone very low, so Che Zhibin could easily see Second Master’s name.

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Seeing that Lu Zijia was about to call Mu Tianyan, Che Zhibin panicked and blurted out immediately, “No!”

Even though Mu Tianyan was disabled, his subordinates were not to be trifled with.
If Mu Tianyan got involved, his Master’s plan would definitely be ruined.

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Thinking of how ruthless Taoist Xuening was, Che Zhibin’s face immediately turned extremely pale.

Lu Zijia stopped moving and sneered in her mind, but she looked at him with confusion on the outside, as if she didn’t understand why he suddenly had such a huge reaction.

Realizing that he had lost his composure, Che Zhibin quickly put on a serious look and said to Lu Zijia apologetically, “I’m sorry, Fellow Lu.
I really spent too much time looking for you and the Director is severely injured, so he really needs us to go back quickly.

“I think you should come with me first..
Call your family after meeting the Director!”

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