Chapter 382: This Is Probably the Debt of Children

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However, her intentional flattery made Zhu Yunya feel even more unfamiliar and cold in her heart.

Zhu Yunya looked at her daughter with a gradually determined gaze, as if she had made up her mind.

“Yingying, you’re already 19 this year.
You’re an adult now.
Mom and Dad can’t protect you forever.
It’s time for Mom and Dad to let go and let you learn to walk your own path.”

The tears in Zhu Yunya’s eyes kept falling, but she was smiling on her face gently and lovingly.

“No, no, no, Mom, I don’t want to walk by myself.
I want to go with you.
Mom, I’m your only daughter.
You can’t abandon me, you can’t abandon me!”

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Fang Yingying screamed and struggled to sit up, trying to reach out to grab Zhu Yunya’s clothes.

However, Zhu Yunya dodged it.

“I’ve already decided to seek justice for Cheng Keqi.
Whether you’re willing to, whether you agree with it, I’ll tell everyone what happened a year ago.

“Ying, if you still have a conscience, you should take the initiative to apologize and admit your mistake.”

Zhu Yunya knew that once the incident was made public, her only daughter would be ruined and her future would be very difficult.

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But even if her days would be tough, it was better than letting her daughter become an even more evil and cold-blooded murderer.

Fang Yingying widened her bloodshot eyes in disbelief.
After the shock in her eyes passed, it gradually turned into hatred.
She stared at her mother like she was looking at an enemy.

The hatred in her daughter’s eyes made Zhu Yunya feel like her heart was being stabbed again and again, so painful that she almost passed out, but she still gritted her teeth and hung on.

Seeing that Zhu Yunya had truly come to her senses this time, Lu Zijia didn’t want to listen to the piercing scream anymore, so she knocked Fang Yingying out before she screamed furiously.

Even though Zhu Yunya was extremely disappointed with her daughter, she still rushed forward to check on her daughter anxiously when she saw her suddenly close her eyes and fall to the ground.

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Seeing that her daughter was breathing normally and there wasn’t anything strange, she was slightly relieved.

When Zhu Yunya realized her reflexive behavior, she couldn’t help smiling wryly.

As expected, she kept saying she was disappointed, but she couldn’t help worrying in her mind.
This was probably the debt of children!

“So, are you satisfied?”

Lu Zijia got up from the ground and walked to the edge of the roof slowly.
She put her hands on the guardrail and asked Cheng Keqi.

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Her lazy and relaxed posture made it seem like she wasn’t here to deal with a supernatural incident that made ordinary people tremble in fear, but to play.
This couldn’t help but make a strange feeling rise in Cheng Keqi’s mind.

“You look about my age.
Are you really a Taoist Master? Why are you so different from other Taoist Masters?”

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Perhaps seeing Fang Yingying being abandoned by her own mother and suffering a huge blow, the resentment in Cheng Keqi’s heart was gradually repressed.
At this moment, she was even in the mood to chat a bit.

She was timid and weak when she was alive, so she was nervous and scared when she talked to people, let alone chatting with them.

However, after the experience of being a ghost for a year, she suddenly felt that she had lived too cowardly when she was alive.
No wonder Fang Yingying would target her.

Of course, that couldn’t be a reason for Fang Yingying to torture and humiliate her.

Lu Zijia put her hands on the guardrail and looked down at the bright classrooms.
She chuckled after hearing that.
“Everyone has their own way of living..
Why should everyone be the same?”

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