Chapter 380: The Ugly Side

What Zhu Yunya said from the bottom of her heart sounded like she still wanted to defend Fang Yingying in Cheng Keqi’s ears.

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She couldn’t help but sneer and her voice was extremely cold.
“Your promise doesn’t count.
I want Fang Yingying to give me justice herself.
I want her to admit the evil deeds she did to me in front of the whole school!

“Of course, the most important thing is that Fang Yingying has to admit her mistake to me and kneel and apologize to my grandparents!”

Cheng Keqi still remembered that when her grandparents questioned Fang Yingying in sorrow a year ago, Fang Yingying didn’t feel guilty at all and even insulted her grandparents.

She had already gone easy on Fang Yingying, asking her to kneel and apologize to her grandparents!

Seeing her daughter’s ferocious and terrifying face even though she couldn’t speak, Zhu Yunya closed her eyes and finally nodded to agree.
“I’ll make her do whatever you ask.”

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After knowing what her daughter did in school, Zhu Yunya only felt very cold in her heart.

Because she had never thought that the daughter she loved and raised with all her heart would become so cruel and cold-blooded.
While she blamed herself, she was also disheartened by her daughter.

Cheng Keqi ignored her promise and looked at Lu Zijia instead.
Apparently, she trusted Lu Zijia’s promise more.

Lu Zijia was right.
She cared a lot about her grandparents, whom she had depended on for so many years.
So, compared to getting revenge herself, she wanted to make her grandparents truly feel relieved.

Her grandparents were both very persistent.
If they couldn’t get justice for what happened to her, her grandparents would never be able to feel relieved, let alone let it go.

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For the sake of her grandparents, she was willing to let go of all her hatred.
She only hoped that her grandparents could be happy and healthy in the future and didn’t have to think about this unfilial granddaughter anymore.

As an “outsider,” Lu Zijia certainly couldn’t guarantee or make any promises for the Fang family.

So, she directly removed the restraints on Fang Yingying and opened the Third Eye for her so she could make a promise herself.

However, would Fang Yingying really promise as she wished?

“Cheng Keqi, Cheng Keqi!”

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Without the restraints on her body, Fang Yingying immediately sat up.
When she saw Cheng Keqi, her pupils shrank abruptly and a trace of shock flashed through her eyes.

But soon, she became unusually furious again.
She pointed at Cheng Keqi and started scolding, “Cheng Keqi, you piece of trash, why are you still in my dream after you died?

“You’re the one who jumped off the building dumbly.
It has nothing to do with me.
If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have been expelled.
It’s all your fault.
You made me suffer.
How would you be shameless enough to come to me?”

Fang Yingying said as she struggled to get up, looking like she wanted to rush up and beat Cheng Keqi up fiercely.

Anyone with eyes could see from her reaction and behavior that she didn’t feel sorry at all.
What she did was so bad that it made people enraged!

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“See, this is your good daughter.
I think you’ve never seen this ugly side of your daughter, have you?” Cheng Keqi smiled in anger and mocked Zhu Yunya with a sinister look.

Zhu Yunya wasn’t angered by Cheng Keqi’s sarcasm.
Instead, she looked at the extremely unfamiliar daughter in front of her a bit dumbfoundedly.

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In her memories, even though her daughter was arrogant and capricious sometimes, she was well-behaved and adorable most of the time.
She would even act affectionately to her from time to time, not to mention how sweet she was.

During this period of time, she thought that her daughter’s huge “abnormality” was only because she was “sick.” She had never thought that it was her daughter’s real personality.

It was ridiculous that she only knew her daughter’s true colors now.
She was even Yingying’s biological mother.
She was truly a failure..

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