Chapter 379: Negotiation with the Female Spirit (5)

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“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry…” Zhu Yunya changed to hugging her daughter tightly and kept saying the words “I’m sorry” as if she was crazy.

Cheng Keqi glanced at Lu Zijia on the side, then turned to Zhu Yunya and said, “If you apologized to me a year ago and told everyone what your daughter did to me, I would still forgive you.

“But what did you do? You felt heartbroken for your daughter and didn’t want her life to be ruined, so you used money and power to get your daughter out of this and pretend like nothing happened.

“But what about me? Where about my grandparents?”

In fact, Cheng Keqi already regretted it when she saw how sad her grandparents were after she passed away.

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She regretted that she was so stupid.
She had a bright future ahead of her, but she took things too hard for a second and went into a dead end.

At that time, her resentment was gradually dissipating, and the reason why it was so strong right now was largely because of the attitude of the parents of the Fang family when dealing with this matter.

And Fang Yingying didn’t apologize to her at all after she died, nor did she feel guilty at all.

That was why she took revenge on Fang Yingying after she became capable.

Lu Zijia didn’t miss Cheng Keqi’s gaze before and she couldn’t help raising her eyebrows slightly.

Was Cheng Keqi trying to tell her indirectly the reason why she couldn’t forgive the Fang family?

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Cheng Keqi secretly paid attention to Lu Zijia’s reaction.
Seeing that Lu Zijia only moved her eyebrows and didn’t have any reaction, Cheng Keqi couldn’t understand what she meant for a second.

However, since she couldn’t figure it out, she directly asked.

“Master, do you still insist on helping Fang Yingying?” Cheng Keqi asked Lu Zijia.

The corners of Lu Zijia’s mouth curled up slightly and she didn’t answer her question.
“What you want is only justice.

“If you torture Fang Yingying to death, your may feel happier, but you and your grandparents will never get the justice you wanted in the beginning.

“Don’t you care a lot about your grandparents? They haven’t given up seeking justice for you in the past year.
Can you bear to see them never get justice for you?”

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Lu Zijia was obviously trying to convince Cheng Keqi with the family that she cared about the most.

As expected, after hearing what Lu Zijia said, Cheng Keqi, who originally insisted on torturing Fang Yingying, started to relax a bit.

However, she suddenly thought of something and a ferocious look appeared on her face for a second.
“Get justice? If I could get justice, I would have been able to do so a year ago.

“Look at her.
Look at her.
Does she look sorry at all?

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“I even entered her dreams countless times and asked her if she regretted treating me like that, but she didn’t answer me and even said I deserved it.

“But what do I deserve? Do I deserve to be in the same class as her? Do I deserve to be targeted by her?”

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Speaking of this, the black fog of resentment on Cheng Keqi’s body started to move without any wind, like the sharp claws of the demons in hell, making people scared looking at her.

At this moment, Zhu Yunya, who seemed a bit crazy just then, suddenly said very calmly, “It’s all my daughter’s fault.
I promise you, I’ll seek justice for you and give your grandparents an explanation.

“It’s the fault of the Fang family.
We’ve been wrong from the beginning.
It’s our fault that we didn’t teach our daughter well, and even protected her against our conscience after knowing that our daughter was wrong.

“It’s understandable that you want to seek justice…”

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