Chapter 363: Eliminating the Poison for the Second Master of the Mu Family (2)

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Mu Tianyan frowned harder and harder, while his face gradually turned from pale to flushed, as if he was hanging on too hard that he would explode at any moment.

Seeing this situation, Lu Zijia sped up the transmission of spiritual energy and the worry in her eyes also became obvious.

More than two hours had passed very quickly.
Mu Tianyan’s face and the skin all over his body seemed to be burnt red, so red that it made people scared.

And his body even changed from trembling slightly to violently, as if he was enduring extreme pain.
But even so, he still gritted his teeth and persisted.

This showed how strong his willpower was.

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Noticing that the spiritual energy in her body was showing signs of depletion, Lu Zijia took out two pieces of emeralds from the space to absorb the spiritual energy inside.

At the same time, she saw from the corner of her eye that the silver needles inserted into Mu Tianyan’s body were showing signs of turning black.

Seeing this, Lu Zijia was immediately delighted and she also heaved a sigh of relief secretly at the same time.
Luckily, this man didn’t boast and he still persisted till the end.

“It’s about time.
When I remove the needles for you later, exert your strength to circulate your internal energy.” Lu Zijia said to Mu Tianyan.

Mu Tianyan didn’t reply, but Lu Zijia knew that he heard her.

When the silver needles in Mu Tianyan’s body turned completely black, Lu Zijia became serious as she waved her slender hand and dozens of silver needles immediately shot out of Mu Tianyan’s body.

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The dozens of silver needles spun in the air and were put back into the Ancient Space by Lu Zijia.

The moment Mu Tianyan felt the silver needles being pulled out, he endured the pain that went deep into his soul and exerted all his strength to control the internal energy in his body to dash forward abruptly.

As the internal energy washed over Mu Tianyan, black liquid quickly appeared on his upper body.
The black liquid had a pungent smell that made people feel like puking.

However, the pungent smell didn’t affect Lu Zijia at all, because she had already held her breath in advance…

Another half an hour later, Mu Tianyan’s originally flushed skin gradually returned to normal, but his face looked a bit pale.

“You can stop now.
The effect of the first poison elimination is quite good.
After two more times and drinking the prescription I gave you for a while, the poison will be completely eliminated.”

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When Mu Tianyan’s body stopped releasing the black poison, Lu Zijia finally spoke.

Hearing that, Mu Tianyan finally opened his eyes slowly.
Lu Zijia’s shadow was clearly reflected in his dark eyes.

Mu Tianyan opened his thin lips slightly and was about to say something.
But the next second, he smelled an extremely pungent smell that challenged the limit of his sense of smell and his body immediately froze.

Then, he grabbed the sides of the bathtub with his hands almost reflexively, trying to get up and leave the bathtub.

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Lu Zijia, who saw what he did, held back her laughter and quickly shouted, “Wait, you can’t come out yet.
You have to wait until the medicinal bath completely dissolves the Yangyan Worm’s poison, which means that you can only come out when the medicinal liquid turns brown again.

“Otherwise, your body will be contaminated by the poison of the Yangyan Worm and there’s a high chance you’ll be poisoned again.”

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Hearing that, Mu Tianyan’s face immediately darkened.
It was totally as dark as the bottom of a pot!

Lu Zijia, who witnessed Mu Tianyan’s change of expression, almost burst into laughter unkindly.

However, even though she suppressed her laughter, her bright eyes that were obviously smiling still betrayed her, which made Mu Tianyan feel both speechless and his heart ached.


There was no expression on Mu Tianyan’s peerlessly handsome face, but his deep eyes were staring at Lu Zijia quietly, as if he was complaining about her evil deeds.

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