Chapter 362: Eliminating the Poison for the Second Master of the Mu Family (1)

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Lu Zijia didn’t care if Mu Yunhao helped Mu Tianyan or if Mu Tianyan took off his clothes himself and went into the bathtub.

However, when she turned around after picking the herbs she needed, she was instantly stunned.

Because she happened to see Mu Tianyan, who was completely naked, jumping into the bathtub!

A pair of long, slender legs, a strong waist without a trace of flab, and a perfect eight-pack made Lu Zijia’s eyes so bright that she couldn’t look away!

Of course, Lu Zijia chose to ignore that indescribable part.
After all… she was a girl.
She should be a bit more reserved, shouldn’t she?

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Ahem, alright, the truth was, she had the intention but not the guts!

However, Lu Zijia, who was dumbfounded by the sight of the man, didn’t notice that Mu Tianyan, who had already sat in the bathtub, had a glint of wickedness flashing through his eyes.

However, he didn’t show it on the outside at all.
Instead, he looked at Lu Zijia with a confused look.

Lu Zijia, who came back to her senses, met his confused gaze and immediately felt like she was caught peeping at someone, which made her face burn.

“Ahem, well… I’m starting.
Listen to my instructions later.
Don’t move.”

Lu Zijia pretended to cough twice to hide her embarrassment.
She didn’t even dare to look at Mu Tianyan.

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Mu Tianyan sensitively pretended like he didn’t notice her embarrassment, as he was afraid that he would irritate her.
He nodded seriously.
“Alright, I’ll listen to what you say, Madam.”

Lu Zijia subconsciously wanted to nod, but she suddenly felt like something was wrong.

Listen to what she said? Why did she feel like there was… another layer of meaning behind these words?

She found out the truth!

Seeing that Mu Tianyan’s forehead was already covered in cold sweat, she stopped thinking about it and calmed her mind to concentrate on eliminating the poison for him.

Lu Zijia didn’t put the herbs in her hands into the bathtub all at once, but put them in one by one according to the time in an orderly manner.
It couldn’t be a second faster or slower.

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Half an hour later, Mu Tianyan closed his eyes tightly and his face gradually turned pale.
Judging from his tightly knitted eyebrows, he seemed to be in pain.

Lu Zijia observed Mu Tianyan’s reaction as she put her hand on the bathtub to transfer spiritual energy to it, so that the medicinal properties of the herbs in the bathtub could be combined and maximize their effects.

“Second Master, I’ll ask you to channel your internal energy later.
When the time comes, you must control your internal energy well and move it through the 360 acupuncture points in your body once.

“Don’t stop during the process, or the herbal bath this time will be wasted.”

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Seeing that the medicinal properties of the herbs inside the bathtub were almost fully combined, Lu Zijia reminded Mu Tianyan seriously.

As soon as she finished talking, a few silver needles that glittered with cold light appeared in her other hand.
As her slender hand moved, many silver needles were gradually inserted into Mu Tianyan’s naked upper body.

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The moment the last silver needle was pricked into his body, Lu Zijia asked Mu Tianyan to exert his power to move his internal energy.

The moment Mu Tianyan heard Lu Zijia’s instruction, he started to channel all his internal energy with all his strength.

However, he didn’t circulate his internal energy as smoothly as before this time.
Instead, it was very difficult, as if his meridians were blocked by something.

However, no matter how difficult it was, he still persisted in controlling his internal energy to break through the obstacles and make it rush forward.

However, as time passed, Mu Tianyan gradually started to feel tired and the speed at which his internal energy surged through his veins also became slower and slower gradually.

“Mu Tianyan, hang in there!”

Noticing that Mu Tianyan was starting to feel tired, Lu Zijia frowned slightly and there was a trace of worry in her tone unconsciously.

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