Chapter 355: An Accident While in Seclusion

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Uncle He was a bit hesitant, but he could only nod helplessly after meeting Mu Tianyan’s undoubtable gaze.
“Okay, Second Master.”

He immediately stretched out his hand to Mu Ruishu.
“Come, Young Master, I will take you to eat something first, or you’ll pass out from hunger.
Then, Madame won’t be able to see you at first sight when she comes out.”

Uncle He comforted Mu Ruishu as he held the hand of Mu Ruishu with a pouting and furious face and walked downstairs.

“Bad Uncle, I’m not talking to you!”

When Mu Ruishu was taken to the stairs, he turned around and made a face at Mu Tianyan, then ran away quickly.

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“Young Master, be careful.
Walk slowly.”

Seeing the little boy run downstairs, Uncle He quickly chased after him, afraid that Mu Ruishu would fall down the stairs accidentally.

Mu Tianyan, who had already blacklisted his nephew, didn’t care about that face at all.
He had already turned his gaze back on Lu Zijia’s closed door.

In the room.

At this moment, Lu Zijia, who was sitting cross-legged on the bed, had a ruddy face and was frowning tight.
Her forehead was covered with cold sweat, as if she was trying her best to endure something.

The process of advancing from the first level to the second level of Qi practicing was as smooth as Lu Zijia had expected.
Unexpectedly, an accident happened during this period.

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And this accident was brought by the Purifying Relic.

For some reason, a huge amount of spiritual energy was sealed inside the Purifying Relic.

After the spiritual power in her body was purified, the huge amount of sealed spiritual energy seemed to have broken through, fighting to rush into her body crazily, forcing her to absorb and refine it.

Therefore, in just two weeks, she went from the first level of Qi practicing to the peak of the second level of Qi practicing.
She was only one more step away from breaking through to the third level of Qi practicing.

However, breaking through too quickly might not be a good thing.

So, she had to think of a way to stop the huge amount of sealed spiritual energy from entering her body continuously.
Otherwise, even if she didn’t go crazy, her foundation would also be damaged because of this.

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“Master, master, quick! Bring the spiritual energy into the space.” The golden pagoda, which signed a soul contract with Lu Zijia, sensed that something was wrong with Lu Zijia and quickly reminded her.

Lu Zijia, who was struggling to hang on, was first delighted when she heard that, then she asked again, “Will there be any drawbacks?”

Even though Lu Zijia always complained about the golden pagoda, she actually treated it as one of her most trusted companions.
She certainly didn’t want to hurt it because of her.

The golden pagoda understood its Master’s concern and it felt very touched in its mind.
It replied with tears in its eyes, “Master, there are no drawbacks.
Spiritual energy is beneficial and harmless for me and the space.”

Hearing the certain reply from the golden pagoda, Lu Zijia was finally relieved.
Then, she tried to draw the huge amount of spiritual energy into the Ancient Space.

After a whole day and night, Lu Zijia finally succeeded in drawing that huge amount of spiritual energy into the Ancient Space.

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“Wow! Master, master, you’re really awesome.
Only two layers away.
I can feel that the Ancient Space only needs two more layers of spiritual energy to be upgraded!

“Hahaha! Master, you’re so lucky! You’re indeed my Master!”

The golden pagoda looked at the slightly changed Ancient Space and jumped around happily, as if it had gone crazy.

Lu Zijia was also delighted in her mind after hearing that.
However, she still needed to strengthen her power right now..
She only replied to the golden pagoda once and entered the state of power strengthening right away.

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