Chapter 351: Purifying Relic

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Lu Zijia kept holding the useful things in her hands as she destroyed the broken things on Old Weird Taoist’s body.

According to the memories she saw while searching his soul, Old Weird Taoist had collected a lot of precious good stuff through many unscrupulous means these years.
Unfortunately, basically all of them were left in the Maoshan Sect.

Two minutes later, three things appeared in Lu Zijia’s hands.
The clothes on Old Weird Taoist, who was still unconscious, were very messy, as if he had been raped.

This made everyone present speechless and frustrated.

Lu Zijia didn’t notice the strange gaze of everyone present.
At this moment, she was completely immersed in joy.

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She wasn’t confident that she would be able to break through to the second level of Qi practicing during the coming two weeks that she was about to shut herself in.

And now, she could say confidently that she could definitely advance to the second level of Qi practicing in the upcoming seclusion!

Because she got a purifying relic from Old Weird Taoist’s body! Purifying Relics were rare treasures even in the cultivation world.

Purifying Relics could not only purify spiritual power, but also allow cultivators to absorb spiritual energy crazily in a short period of time.
Also, they could instantly turn the energy into purified spiritual power.

Once the spiritual power in a cultivator’s body was purified, the chances of breaking through levels would often double.
So, in the cultivation world, Purifying Relics were totally treasures that people crazily fought for.

Unfortunately, after using the Purifying Relic to purify spiritual power, it would instantly turn into powder, so it was a disposable treasure.

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However, it was already a very good opportunity for her to have found a Purifying Relic in this world that lacked spiritual energy.

Lu Zijia put the pearl-like relic surrounded by a faint golden halo in her pocket without hesitation in front of everyone present.

The Purifying Relic wasn’t as useful to Mu Tianyan and the others as the other two things anymore.
They would not fight with her for it, would they?

Thinking of this, Lu Zijia felt even better.

In the cultivation world, all the trophies would be hers and she wouldn’t have to share them with anyone at all.
She didn’t even have to care about the person who hired her and offered her remuneration.

She was indeed too generous!

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Everyone here: “…” Why did they feel like Lu Zijia was guarding against them, as if she was afraid that they would snatch it?

They found out the truth!

“Ahem, well, as people say, ladies first.
I’m a woman, so I chose my trophy first.

“But don’t worry, there are still two things here.
You two can discuss what to do with them.”

Lu Zijia, who unexpectedly got something good, reached out her two hands with a smile and showed them the remaining two things, while talking to Mu Tianyan and Song Zixuan.

Mu Yunhao, Song Zixuan and the others: “…” This “straightforward” style was indeed like Lu Zijia!

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Mu Tianyan, on the other hand, curled up the corners of his mouth calmly with a faint smile in his dark eyes.

One of the remaining two things was a black wooden tablet the size of two palms.
There were even red patterns on the wooden tablet, which made people find it very mysterious when they saw it.

The other one was the myrtle sword that Old Weird Taoist refined meticulously.
The main use of the myrtle sword was to perform magic arts and take down ghosts.
Many people knew this.

“What is this black wooden tablet?”

Song Zixuan despised the things that belonged to one of the culprits who almost destroyed his family, but he still couldn’t help asking curiously.

Many people present wanted to know the answer to Song Zixuan’s question, so everyone looked at Lu Zijia at the same time and waited for her to explain.

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