Chapter 348: Soul-Searching Art

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However, he had lost too much blood and his limbs were crippled.
Even if he could avoid it, how would he be able to fight back?

As a matter of fact, his hands, which were stained with red blood, had only been halfway through casting the spell and he had already failed because of the piercing pain from the broken tendons of his wrists.


Old Weird Taoist dodged Lu Zijia’s first attack, but he couldn’t avoid the second one.

The feeling of having the power he got throughout so many years taken away was so painful that he wished he were dead.
It was as if his entire body was being dismembered slowly, which made Old Weird Taoist, who was extremely tolerant, scream uncontrollably.

Old Weird Taoist, whose power was taken away, looked like he instantly aged more than ten years.
There were more wrinkles on his face and he collapsed on the ground like a deflated ball.

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“How dare you take away my power? How dare you!”

Old Weird Taoist, who couldn’t accept the fact that his power that he got after so many years of hard work was taken away, stared at Lu Zijia with a pair of vicious old eyes.
His face was distorted like a ferocious ghost, as he screamed at the top of his lungs.

Old Weird Taoist had never thought that his power, which he had been cultivating for more than 60 years, would be taken away just like that! And it was even taken away by an inexperienced junior!

This was simply a joke!

And yet, this joke was real.

Lu Zijia smiled at him without any pressure and squatted down in front of him.
“If I don’t take away your power, how would I dare to use the soul-searching art rashly?”

She was weaker than Old Weird Taoist right now.
If she didn’t take away his power before performing the soul-searching art, she would definitely become a fool in the end.

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This was to sacrifice the others for her own interest.

“Soul… Soul-searching!”

Hearing the word “soul-searching,” Old Weird Taoist, who was still unyielding just then, finally showed a look of fear on his face.

“Right, soul-searching.”

Lu Zijia had no intention of wasting time with him anymore.
She quickly moved her hands and started performing the soul-searching art on Old Weird Taoist’s soul.

Even though Old Weird Taoist didn’t know how to search someone’s soul, he immediately shouted in panic when he saw Lu Zijia’s hand gesture that didn’t seem to be fake, “Stop, stop! I’ll talk.
I’ll tell you whatever you want to know.
Stop now!”

Even though that person gave him enough benefits, no amount of benefits could compare to his life.

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“It’s already too late.”

As soon as Lu Zijia finished talking, she cast a spell into Old Weird Taoist’s mind powerfully and put her hand on his head, closing her eyes slowly.

Seeing what Lu Zijia did, everyone present quieted down at the same time and waited with burning eyes.

And Mu Tianyan’s eyes never left Lu Zijia’s face for even a second at all, observing her expression and reaction.

Lu Zijia had used the soul-searching art many times in her previous life, so the soul-searching of Old Weird Taoist went very smoothly.

Ten minutes later, Lu Zijia slowly opened her eyes.

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Old Weird Taoist struggled in pain at first and his eyes gradually became unfocused towards the end.
And now, he had already passed out with his eyes closed.

When Old Weird Taoist opened his eyes again, he would become a fool who didn’t remember anything.

Lu Zijia had searched people’s souls many times, so there certainly wouldn’t be any accidents.
And yet, she deliberately made Old Weird Taoist a fool, because she was used to eliminating all the loose ends in everything she did.

She took away Old Weird Taoist’s power, so he would definitely not let her go.

The reason why she didn’t kill him directly but turned him into a fool was because she was afraid that she would provoke the superiors of the Maoshan Sect before she was strong enough.

So, she could only turn Old Weird Taoist into a fool..
This way, even if people from the Maoshan Sect investigated her and suspected that she did it, they wouldn’t have direct evidence either.

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