Chapter 345: The Cruel Interrogation by the Second Master of the Mu Family (2)

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Old Weird Taoist didn’t care about the bloody wounds on his body right away.
Instead, he stared at Mu Tianyan with his pupils shrunk, as if he didn’t believe that Mu Tianyan could hurt him.

As an elder of the Maoshan Sect, he certainly had a lot of good stuff with him, including things for protection.

But now, it had lost its effect!

Old Weird Taoist didn’t think that there was something wrong with the thing he used to protect himself.
After all, he was fine when he dealt with Song Zixuan just then.
It was impossible for it to suddenly go wrong.

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So, there must be something about Mu Tianyan!

“Who are you? Tell me your name!”

Old Weird Taoist ignored Mu Tianyan’s question and shouted at Mu Tianyan in an authoritative tone with the authority he had as the superior elder of the Maoshan Sect.


The long sword in Mu Tianyan’s hand left the second bloody wound on Old Weird Taoist’s body again easily.

“You… You ignorant kid, I… Slash…”

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Before Old Weird Taoist finished talking, a third wound appeared on his body where his heart was.
This made him shocked and furious, and his old eyes were full of viciousness.

“Hahaha! Well done! You should attack this old man directly.”

Song Zixuan, who had suffered at the hands of the old Taoist once, immediately felt delighted when he saw this.

That beaming and gloating look was totally irritating!

As expected, Old Weird Taoist, who had never been in such a messy state after living for decades, looked extremely sullen.
He stared at Song Zixuan with his old eyes as if he was looking at a dead person.

At the same time, the spell that he had just completed with his hands behind his back instantly shot towards Song Zixuan.

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Lu Zijia, who sensed something, focused her gaze.
She moved her feet and instantly blocked in front of Song Zixuan.
At the same time, an invisible thunder shield wall protected them in front of her.

The same invisible spell disappeared the moment it crashed into the thunder shield wall.

However, with Lu Zijia’s current strength, the thunder shield wall she created couldn’t completely resist the spell from Old Weird Taoist, so a small part of the spell still landed on her.

Luckily, she was prepared before she came.
Even though her body endured a small part of the attack from Old Weird Taoist, she wasn’t injured at all.

However, she was already prepared.
In Old Weird Taoist’s eyes, she broke his spell easily.

“You… Which sect are you from?!”

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Old Weird Taoist thought that Lu Zijia was just an ignorant junior who dared to show off in front of him while knowing only a few spells.

However, after seeing what Lu Zijia did, he finally realized that Lu Zijia might be the direct disciple of a hidden sect.

Otherwise, how would this little girl be strong enough to fight against him at such a young age?

Thinking of this, Old Weird Taoist finally controlled his arrogant behavior a bit.
At the same time, he took Lu Zijia more seriously and became a bit more vigilant.

“Slash… Slash… Slash…”

Before Lu Zijia replied, Mu Tianyan, whose body temperature was dropping rapidly, added three deep wounds on Old Weird Taoist that exposed his bones without hesitation.

If Old Weird Taoist was an ordinary person, he would probably be on the verge of dying with so many deep wounds that even his bones could be seen on his body.

However, even though Old Weird Taoist’s was at quite a high level, he was still a bit overwhelmed..
After all, no matter how good his level was, he was just a human being in the end.

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