Chapter 340: The Second Master Who Wanted to Throw His Nephew to Another Planet

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Che Zhibin, who was waiting at the door of the Deputy Director’s office, was delighted when he saw Taoist Xuening walking over slowly with her hands behind her back.
He quickly shouted respectfully.

Taoist Xuening also came from the Maoshan Sect, and as a disciple of Maoshan Sect, Che Zhibin called her Master.

“Hm, let’s talk inside!”

Taoist Xuening was still expressionless, but she looked at Che Zhibin with a hint of satisfaction in her eyes.

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Taoist Xuening walked into the office first, followed by Che Zhibin.

“Master, are you satisfied?”

After Taoist Xuening sat down, Che Zhibin couldn’t help but ask carefully.

Taoist Xuening looked down at the dry, old hand that didn’t match the skin on her face at all.
A clear look of disgust flashed through her eyes and her tone also became a bit gloomy.

“Well done.
I like that girl a lot.”

After a while, Taoist Xuening slowly looked up and gazed at Che Zhibin.
“Don’t worry.
When I succeed, I’ll definitely not forget about you.”

Knowing that Taoist Xuening was satisfied, Che Zhibin was delighted in his mind and he said excitedly, “Thank you, Master.”

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He was originally planning to use the Lu family to deal with that bitch, Lu Zijia.
He had never thought that he would run into his Master today.
God was indeed helping him!

Thinking that it wouldn’t be long before Lu Zijia, this bitch who embarrassed him, would disappear from this world, Che Zhibin’s eyes immediately showed a weird look of joy.

After returning to the Mu family, Lu Zijia quickly went upstairs and returned to her room, merging the Twin Stones with her spiritual power.

Ever since the Deputy Director appeared, she had been having a bad feeling that something was going to happen.

So, right now, she desperately wanted to improve her cultivation level.
As long as she broke through to the second level of Qi practicing, she wouldn’t have to worry about whether the Deputy Director was really scheming against her.

After this day, apart from eating, Lu Zijia spent the rest of the time cultivating in her room.

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If it weren’t for the fact that she hadn’t reached the level of Bigu right now, she probably wouldn’t even have to go out to eat.

However, what Lu Zijia didn’t know was that her behavior attracted the attention of Mu Tianyan, Mu Ruishu and Uncle He.
They couldn’t help worrying about her in their minds.

However, seeing that her face was ruddy and her appetite was as good as usual, the three of them were slightly relieved.

And Uncle He also nursed Lu Zijia’s body in different ways, enjoined by Mu Tianyan.
They were totally trying to make Lu Zijia look fair and chubby.

Time passed by peacefully.

On the fifth day of interrogating Master Li, the master and father he talked about finally showed up.

After hearing the news, Lu Zijia reluctantly stopped cultivating and walked out of the room, going to the villa where Master Li was interrogated with Mu Tianyan.

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In the car.

Lu Zijia, who was about to close her eyes to rest, suddenly remembered something and said to Mu Tianyan,

“I almost forgot to remind you.
I saw that the dark energy between the kid’s eyebrows became stronger last night.
If possible, don’t let him run around these days.”

Lu Zijia said as she took out an emerald jade pendant and put it in Mu Tianyan’s hands.
“I’ve drawn defensive inscriptions and transfer inscriptions on this jade pendant.
Ask the kid to carry it with him.”

Even though the kid was a bit arrogant and mischievous sometimes, he still called her Auntie after all.
She certainly didn’t want anything to happen to the kid.

Looking at the jade pendant in his hand, Mu Tianyan’s eyes darkened and he somehow felt a bit jealous in his heart.

Besides, he suddenly had the urge to throw his nephew to another planet at this moment.

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