Chapter 336: Making Fun of the Director Again (2)

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Normally, the rewards were elixirs.
If they didn’t want elixirs and wanted something else, they had to report to the Director.

So, apart from the elixirs, the other rewards were all kept by the Director himself.

In fact, if it weren’t that there were too many people collecting elixirs and it was too troublesome, the Director, this renowned miser, even wanted to take care of the elixirs himself.

About Lu Zijia completing the mission, Luo Yinde had already heard about everything that had happened during the whole process from Jin Junyi, so he didn’t show any surprise.

After signing her name on the document, she looked up at Lu Zijia and asked, “You don’t want elixirs?”

“Hm, I want to get something else.” Lu Zijia nodded without hesitation.

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Luo Baode looked weird and he couldn’t help but confirm again.
“Have you really decided?”

Normally, most sorcerers and Martial Artists wanted to improve their own abilities first.

Therefore, both the elixirs of the Special Administration Office and those outside were very popular.

However, this girl didn’t want any elixirs after completing a mission for the first time.
Did she not know the situation or did she really not need any elixirs?

As for what Lu Zijia said about making medicines just then, he had apparently ignored it already.

Lu Zijia didn’t seem to notice Luo Baode’s probing gaze and she said firmly, “Yes, I’ve already decided.”

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Even though she had never seen the elixirs in this world, she found some information and the finished products in the original host’s memories.

As an alchemist in her previous life, she could tell from the original host’s memories that the elixirs in the Special Administration Office were just failed products.

For cultivators in the cultivation world, they couldn’t even be considered as defective medicines.

If she took such elixirs, she would only accumulate more impurities in her body, which would affect her cultivation path in the future.
In serious cases, she might even lose her chance of going further.

So, medicines could definitely not be eaten randomly.

Luo Baode pretended to be profound as he nodded.
“Since you’ve already decided, I won’t persuade you anymore.
I just hope you don’t regret it.” Bah! This damn girl better regret this!

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Luo Baode led Lu Zijia to the secret chamber where other things were placed with a serious look on the outside, while scolding Lu Zijia furiously in his mind.

He had been dignified for his entire life, but was teased by this wretched girl again and again.
She totally ruined his reputation!

Lu Zijia attracted the attention of many people as she followed Luo Baode, but she didn’t care.

“Why is Lu Zijia, this bitch, following the Director?!” Tong Kexin and Che Zhibin, who were standing far away, happened to see Lu Zijia too.
Tong Kexin’s face twisted for a second.

They thought that Lu Zijia was only lucky to be able to deal with those two evil spirits at the Fei family before.

However, after hearing that Lu Zijia solved the problem of the Qian family easily, they had to admit that Lu Zijia was truly talented.

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But then, they thought about how this piece of trash, whom they looked down on and stepped on before, was now on equal footing with them and even showed signs of surpassing them.

How could they calm down?

“She should be there to collect the rewards.”

Che Zhibin also didn’t look good.
If it weren’t because he was afraid that other people would notice, he would probably look much worse than Tong Kexin..

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