Chapter 333: Ye Nambo’s Embarrassment (2)

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Unfortunately, many things didn’t go as he wished.

“Ye Nambo, do you know what karma is?”

Lu Zijia ignored the despicable reaction on his face and said with a sneer, “For example, you schemed against the Song family and now you’re facing the retribution of the Song family.

“Also, you set me up and put me in danger, even sending me to the verge of dying.”

Not hearing the question he expected, Ye Nambo was first startled.
Then, his expression immediately changed again.

“Zijia, listen to me.
It was all a misunderstanding.
I…” Ye Nambo looked like he was aggrieved and he wanted to explain to Lu Zijia anxiously.

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However, Lu Zijia didn’t give him the chance.
“Misunderstanding? That’s really a huge misunderstanding.”

Such a “misunderstanding” made the original host lose her life.
How pathetic and pitiful.

“However, whether it’s a misunderstanding or not, what I want to say right now is that you must remember karma for the rest of your life, Ye Nambo.
And I’ll also make sure you can’t forget me for your entire life.

“Don’t you want prosperity the most? Don’t worry, I’ll help you destroy it bit by bit.

“And your ridiculous family affection and love.
When the time comes, I’ll see with my own eyes how strong they are!”

She wouldn’t take the lives of Ye Nambo and the others, because death was the simplest and quickest.

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She said that she would make these people experience a thousand times more of the pain that the original host had suffered.
How would she possibly give them a quick death?

Besides, even if she didn’t do anything, these selfish people would also kill themselves, saving her the trouble of doing anything.

“Zijia, you… you…”

Looking at Lu Zijia, who was gazing at him coldly with an expressionless face in front of him, Ye Nambo only felt a chill in his heart.
He kept feeling that the Lu Zijia in the past really didn’t exist anymore.

However, he still didn’t quite believe it.
He didn’t believe that Lu Zijia, who used to do everything for him in the past, would actually say that she didn’t love him anymore all of a sudden.
That was impossible!

Ye Nambo’s mind was in a mess and his gentle face showed a hint of ferociousness.

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“It’s not like that.
It’s not like that, Zijia.
Believe me, believe me, alright? I really have never thought of hurting you.
I’ve never thought of hurting you!

“Zijia, why? Why did you become like this? You’ve become someone I don’t know at all.
My heart aches.

“It’s my fault.
If it weren’t for me, you wouldn’t have… Zijia, please don’t be like this, alright? I can give up everything for you, Zijia…”

Ye Nambo said with deep affection and pain.
He even wanted to go forward and hug Lu Zijia in the end.

Lu Zijia took a step back and avoided him.
She looked at Ye Nambo with an even colder and more cruel gaze, but there was a hint of charm in her voice.
“You can give up anything, right?”

Seeing Lu Zijia avoid him, Ye Nambo couldn’t hide the disappointment on his face, but he immediately pulled himself together again after hearing what she said.

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“Yes, I can give up anything for you.
I only hope that you can come back to me again.

“Zijia, I admit that I was wrong in the past.
I shouldn’t have given up my relationship with you for Wanyuan.

“After knowing what happened to you, I realized that my love for you far exceeds what I thought.

“Zijia, I just realized recently that the person I truly love is you, not Wanyuan.”

Ye Nambo’s sweet words kept popping out like they were free, which was truly annoying.

“If you can give up anything, then go to hell.
Die quickly and die directly..
Otherwise, how can I feel your true love for me?

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