Chapter 327: The Fang Family Incident (5)

As soon as Lu Zijia asked this question, Fang Chengtao’s face immediately froze, as if he was afraid that he would be seen through.
He instantly put away the weird look on his face.

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He pretended to be distressed and shook his head.
“I’ve asked my daughter, but even herself doesn’t know what nightmare it is.”

After pausing for a second, Fang Chengtao asked in shock, “Is it because of the nightmare that my daughter became like this? Is my daughter haunted by something dirty?”

Otherwise, why would she have nightmares for more than a week under normal circumstances? Besides, his daughter had nightmares every time she went to sleep.
It was obviously abnormal.

That was why he thought of asking a Taoist Master to check on his daughter after hearing about Lu Zijia’s ability from Fei Dingshan.

Lu Zijia looked deeply at Fang Chengtao, who was obviously not telling the truth.
“Your daughter is indeed haunted by an evil spirit, and the resentment of that evil spirit is extremely strong.

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“That evil spirit doesn’t seem to want to take your daughter’s life immediately.
Instead, it enters your daughter’s dream to torture her.
When that evil spirit is done torturing her, your daughter…” Her life would come to an end.

Lu Zijia didn’t finish the sentence, but it was enough for Fang Chengtao to understand what she meant.

As expected, Fang Chengtao’s expression immediately changed drastically and his breathing also became a bit hurried.
“Then, master, can you save my daughter? As long as you can save her, I can give you any amount of money.

“Master, please, please save my daughter.
I only have one daughter.
If I lost her as well, I… I…”

Towards the end, Fang Chengtao, a man, couldn’t help but choke a bit and couldn’t continue.

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Any father would feel heartbroken and sad when he saw his only daughter, whom he had doted on for more than a decade, let alone he had his daughter late.
So, he certainly loved her even more.

Fei Dingshan, who was also a father, couldn’t bear to see him like this in his mind, so he raised his hand and patted his shoulder to comfort him.

Compared to Fei Dingshan who couldn’t bear it, Lu Zijia didn’t react at all, but seemed a bit indifferent instead.

Because she saw a lot of things Fei Dingshan couldn’t see from the faces of the three members of the Fang family.

“I have a Calming Talismans and an Exorcizing Talismans here.
If you use them together, your daughter won’t be disturbed in her sleep.

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“However, the effects of these talismans are limited.
They can only be used two or three times.”

Lu Zijia took out two talismans and put them on the coffee table as she said, “Of course, using talismans is only a temporary solution.
If you want to solve your daughter’s problem completely, you have to deal with the root of the issue.

“This means that you need to find the evil spirit that invaded your daughter’s dream.
As long as you take that evil spirit down, your daughter’s problem will truly be solved.”

Hearing Lu Zijia say that the talismans in her hands could help his daughter, Fang Chengtao was immediately delighted.

However, when he heard that he had to find the evil spirit, his face immediately froze again and a touch of complication flashed through his eyes.

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“Well… Master Lu, I wonder if I can give these two talismans to my daughter to give it a go first?”

After saying that, Fang Chengtao felt that what he said was a bit inappropriate, so he quickly added, “Don’t worry, Master Lu, I’ll pay for these two talismans.”

Lu Zijia had no problem with this.

After getting her permission, Fang Chengtao asked Lu Zijia how to use the talismans, then quickly went upstairs with them.

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