Chapter 320: The Situation at the Lu Family (3)

“That’s enough!”

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Old Master Lu knocked the ground fiercely with the crutch in his hand and his old face was full of gloom.
“No matter what you’re doing, quit while you’re ahead.
If you hadn’t gone too far, this wouldn’t have happened today!”

Old Master Lu was someone who established the Lu Group alone.
How would he not see all those small tricks that Xia Fangqing and her daughter had done all these years?

He didn’t say anything because he thought it wasn’t important and wouldn’t hurt the interests of the Lu family either.

Now that they had hurt the interests of the Lu family, he certainly wouldn’t let it continue.

“Father, I…”

Every time Xia Fangqing saw Old Master Lu enraged, she couldn’t help feeling scared in her mind.
She wanted to explain, but was interrupted by Old Master Lu again.

“Shut up! You’re just a mistress who can’t be seen by people.
In ancient times, you were just a concubine who couldn’t even walk through the front door.
What gives you the right to call me Father?

“Do you really think you’re someone because I showed you kindness? Why don’t you take a look at who you are and see if you’re worthy?”

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Old Master Lu had never been nice to people who had no value.
Especially when this person harmed his interests, he would never forgive her.

Hearing what Old Master Lu said, Xia Fangqing’s face immediately turned pale.

It wasn’t that she hadn’t heard people say that she was a mistress or that she was shameless or something in front of her

However, this was the first time Old Master Lu humiliated her in person without showing any mercy.
This made her feel extremely ashamed and her dignity was even stepped on fiercely.

Her face instantly turned red and pale, looking truly exciting.


As her daughter, Lu Wanyuan certainly felt ashamed as well when her mother was humiliated like this.

And what she hated the most was people calling her a bastard daughter.

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If that was someone else, she would have taken revenge on the spot.
However, the person who humiliated her and her mother just now was Old Master Lu.
She didn’t even dare to have any thoughts of taking revenge.

Because Old Master Lu was the boss of the entire Lu family.
If Old Master Lu asked the two of them to get out, they must get out!

“If you say something I don’t like to hear again, you’ll have to get out of the Lu family with your embarrassing mother.
Don’t ever think about stepping into the Lu family again!”

Old Master Lu was obviously warning Lu Wanyuan and giving her a chance to choose at the same time.

If she really cared about her mother, Xia Fangqing, she would definitely continue talking and leave with Xia Fangqing unyieldingly.

But in the end, she chose to shut up.

Apparently, compared to her mother, Xia Fangqing, Lu Wanyuan cared more about the wealth the Lu family gave her.

For a second, Xia Fangqing was disappointed by her daughter’s choice, but she immediately felt that her daughter made the right decision.

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She put in so much effort to put her daughter into the Lu family.
How could she let all her efforts go to waste at this moment?

One more step, just one more step.
As long as she passed this final step successfully, she would be able to take the position of the Lady of the Lu family.
By then, she would see who would still dare to look down on and laugh at her!

Thinking of this, Xia Fangqing thought that her daughter made the right choice.

Seeing that they were all behaving, Old Master Lu said to Xia Fangqing again, “Whether Zijia and her mother agree to come back to the Lu family or not, from today onwards, you can’t step into the Lu family again, nor meet Bochuan.”

Old Master Lu said as he turned his sharp gaze to Lu Bochuan.
“If there are any more rumors outside, don’t blame me for being ruthless.
I’ll kick you out of the Lu family as well!”

Being warned by his father as a man in his forties in front of the others, Lu Bochuan was a bit embarrassed, but he could only nod obediently for the sake of the money in his hands.
“Got it.”

Seeing that Lu Bochuan compromised without showing any dissatisfaction, Xia Fangqing had unspeakable resentment in her mind, but for the sake of the position of the Lady of the Lu family, she could only grit her teeth and bear it.

However, no one knew how long she could hide the resentment in her mind, including herself.

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After warning Xia Fangqing and Lu Bochuan, Old Master Lu turned his gaze to Lu Wanyuan.
“Zijia likes Nanbo.
You can work on that.

“I don’t care about the process.
I just want the results.

“If Zijia and her mother still haven’t given up on suing Bochuan for bigamy two weeks later, don’t you think about stepping into the Lu family ever again.
Do you understand?”

Apparently, Old Master Lu was asking Lu Wanyuan to use Ye Nambo to get close to Lu Zijia to threaten her, lure her or even seduce her, as long as it could make Lu Zijia change her mind.

Lu Wanyuan, who understood what Old Master Lu meant, immediately turned pale and found it extremely unbearable.

She had never thought that there would be a day when she had to give her carefully fiancé, whom she got with careful scheming, to another woman with her own hands.
And this woman was Lu Zijia, whom she disgusted and hated the most!

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