Chapter 317: Did Madame Think They Were Mythical Beasts?

“Madame, you mean…”

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Mu Yunhao swallowed hard.
He was almost traumatized by Lu Zijia’s natural dark side.

Being tricked again and again, they deeply doubted if their intelligence was eaten away by a dog.


Lu Zijia pretended to be embarrassed and smiled, but she wasn’t embarrassed at all when she spoke.
“Actually, I need you to guard a place for me.

“Don’t worry, it won’t take long.
It’ll only take two or three days at most.
It won’t take up too much of your time.

“Thank you.
I know you’re all good people.
You’ll definitely help me, right?”

Lu Zijia said as she put her hands together and looked at Mu Yunhao and the others with a pitiful look.
Her expression changed too quickly!

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Mu Yunhao and the others, who were called good people: “…” Guard a place? Did Madame think they were mythical beasts?

Besides, Madame, pretending to be pitiful is really not for you.
We’re terrified to see you like that!

The ten secret guards looked at Mu Yunhao, who looked at Mu Tianyan quietly, asking silently if they could reject it.

Mu Tianyan glanced at them indifferently with a slightly cold gaze.
Apparently, he was telling them that they couldn’t reject her!

It was rare for his wife to use his men to do things.
How would he possibly let her down?

Besides, what were brothers for? To make his wife happy, of course.

So, while Mu Yunhao and the others complained in their minds that Mu Tianyan prioritized love over friendship, they agreed to help Lu Zijia without any remuneration!

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Not only were they tricked by Madame, but were also dragged to be coolies.
There was probably no one else like them…

Lu Zijia was delighted in her mind when she successfully tricked someone to deal with Master Li’s Master who was about to come.

But the bright smile on her face made Mu Yunhao and the others feel pain in their organs.

At the Lu family.

At this moment, everyone was gathering in the living room of the Lu family, except for Lu Wanyuan.
However, no one said anything and the atmosphere was very depressing.

“Mom, I’m hungry.
I want fried chicken wings.”

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The little boy, who was about five years old sitting next to Xia Fangqing, touched his belly with one hand and shouted at his mother with a pouting face.

This boy was Xia Fangqing’s youngest son, the so-called Third Young Master of the Lu family.

Hearing Lu Yuan’s voice, Old Master Lu immediately glanced over with a sharp gaze.
Even Lu Bochuan, who had always doted on his only son, frowned in displeasure.

Seeing this, Xia Fangqing quickly covered the mouth of his son, who still wanted to talk, and said in a low voice in his ears, “Son, be good.
Be patient.
I’ll go out to eat with you later.
Be good.

“If you make Grandpa and your Dad angry, I won’t take you out to eat anymore.”

Even though Lu Yuan grew up being spoiled by Xia Fangqing and Lu Bochuan, he was very afraid of Old Master Lu.

So, even though he wanted to make a fuss right now, he still held himself back, but he still looked enraged.

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Seeing this, Xia Fangqing couldn’t help feeling relieved in her mind.

This was a critical moment.
She didn’t want Old Master Lu and Bochuan to be even more displeased with her.

“Young Lady is back.”

At this moment, a servant’s voice came from the door.
The members of the Lu family, who had been waiting for a long time, immediately looked over.

“Wanyuan, what happened? What happened to your foot? Did you go to the doctor? Is it serious?”

Seeing his daughter limping in with the help of a servant, Xia Fangqing was immediately startled.
She quickly went up to help his daughter and asked anxiously and worriedly.

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