Chapter 302: Being Hit On Unexpectedly

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“However, I can’t wait for that person to come all day.
After all, my time is very precious.
I can lose millions or even tens of millions at any time and anywhere.

“So, I suggest you buy more talismans.
Even if you didn’t want to give them to your subordinates, you can save your own life, right?”

Seeing Lu Zijia’s “for-your-own-good” look, Song Zixuan felt extremely frustrated in his mind.

At the same time, his hands were itching and he wanted to beat someone up, but he couldn’t fight against her either.
This was truly infuriating!

In the end, Song Zixuan still ordered more than 30 talismans from Lu Zijia, which made his heart ache.

Since he ordered a lot and was a regular customer, Lu Zijia gave him a Protection Talisman for free right away, which finally made Song Zixuan feel a bit better in his mind.

When they went back to the Mu family, it was also Song Zixuan who drove them there.

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In a building deep in the mountains, an old man with black hair and a white beard was meditating with his eyes closed and his legs crossed, looking majestic and not moving.

However, the next second, the old man suddenly opened his eyes, which were full of evilness and anger.

“Those who hurt my son deserve to die!”

As the old man shouted, his figure quickly disappeared from the spot.

“Tut-tut, there’s going to be a good show.”

Seeing the person standing outside the door of the Mu family, Song Zixuan gloated, looking like he totally deserved a beating!

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Lu Zijia, who was originally resting with her eyes closed and cultivating by absorbing spiritual energy, stopped her cultivation and opened her eyes after hearing that.

When she saw Lu Wanyuan standing outside the door of the Mu family, she raised her eyebrows slightly and a trace of interest flashed through her eyes.

At this moment, the Lu family should be in a mess.
She didn’t expect Lu Wanyuan to still have time to come see her.

Did she think that Lu Bochuan and Xia Fangqing didn’t embarrass themselves enough yesterday? So, she wanted to embarrass their whole family again?

When Song Zixuan noticed Lu Wanyuan, Mu Tianyan had already noticed her first.

He didn’t show it on the outside at all, but his deep eyes gradually turned cold with a trace of viciousness.

He had certainly investigated the relationship between him and Lu Zijia and the fact that Lu Zijia broke into his room.

He even found out that Lu Zijia used to like Ye Nanbo.

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Thinking that Lu Zijia liked Ye Nambo, the viciousness in Mu Tianyan’s eyes became stronger, as if it was about to become something concrete.

Noticing that the temperature around Mu Tianyan suddenly dropped, Lu Zijia couldn’t help but give him a weird look.

When Lu Zijia looked at him, Mu Tianyan immediately calmed himself down and smiled at her with his lips curled up slightly, looking very charming.

Lu Zijia was startled and she turned her head away reflexively after being hit on all of a sudden.
She immediately blinked and realized that there seemed to be something wrong with her reaction?

She didn’t do anything.
Why would she feel guilty?

However, this man was truly a monster.
He was so seductive when he smiled so casually.
He was definitely a male vixen!

Lu Zijia’s reaction made Mu Tianyan frown in dissatisfaction immediately, but something soon came to his mind and a glint of light flashed through his eyes.
He curled his thin lips again, looking even more charming.

“Why are you stopping? Drive.”

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Seeing that Song Zixuan didn’t drive for a long time, Lu Zijia slapped the back of his head angrily.

This unlucky man wanted to watch a good show? Dream on!


Even though it wasn’t painful, Song Zixuan still let out an exaggerated cry to complain about Lu Zijia’s evil deeds.
At the same time, he was more eager to watch Lu Zijia’s drama.

After knowing him for so long, Lu Zijia had always been the one watching the fun and tricking him.
If he didn’t watch the fun now, he would really let himself down!

Thinking of this, Song Zixuan directly got out of the car..
He totally didn’t want to give up until he could watch the fun.

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