Chapter 286: So My Wife Is So Impressive, I’m Proud of You

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Then, something seemed to come to Mu Ruishu’s mind.
He looked up and gazed at Lu Zijia with a pitiful look.
“Auntie, Uncle is a good person.
Don’t fall for other people, alright? I’ll listen to you too.”

Lu Zijia patted his little head speechlessly.
“Kid, you think too much.
You should study hard and improve yourself every day!”

Didn’t this kid used to be like a little hedgehog? When did he learn to act pitiful?

Without getting Lu Zijia’s promise, Mu Ruishu looked a bit frustrated.

“Uncle, I brought Auntie here.”

Mu Ruishu pulled Lu Zijia to the opened car door and said to Mu Tianyan in the car obediently.


Mu Tianyan looked up and glanced at Lu Zijia.
He nodded slightly and asked the two of them to get in the car.

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Mu Ruishu quickly got into the car and took the seat opposite Mu Tianyan.
He even occupied the seat next to him with his small school bag, so Lu Zijia could only sit next to Mu Tianyan.

After making this move, Mu Ruishu covered his mouth and snickered secretly.

However, Lu Zijia didn’t follow him into the car after he got in.

“I still have something to do.
You can go back first.” Lu Zijia stood next to the car and shook her head to reject them.

Mu Tianyan glanced behind Lu Zijia with a deep gaze and then looked at Lu Zijia again.
“Xiao Shu hasn’t seen you for a few days and he wants to go home with you.
Where are you going? We’ll wait for you.”

Mu Ruishu, who was brought here directly by his uncle after school: “???”

Mu Yunhao, who was in the driver’s seat: “…” Second Master, is it really good for you to use your nephew so openly?


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Mu Yunhao also looked over.
Jin Junyi, who had already walked behind Lu Zijia, thought to himself, “Second Master is really putting in so much effort to prevent Madame from being taken by other men.”

But wasn’t Second Master’s way of pursuing his wife a bit too awkward?

Seeing the little boy’s confused look with his head tilted, Lu Zijia knew that Mu Tianyan was obviously making up an excuse.

As for the reason, she hadn’t figured it out yet.

However, she suddenly wanted to see how embarrassed Mu Tianyan would be at this moment, so she said in an obvious teasing tone, “Oh? Kid, do you want to go home with me?

“What about you, Second Master? Do you want to go home with me as well?”

Mu Tianyan looked directly at her with an evil smile.
He didn’t avoid her gaze at all, nor showed any guilt.

In the end, under Lu Zijia’s gaze, he nodded slightly and admitted, then replied in a deep voice, “Hm.”

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Mu Tianyan admitting so directly made Lu Zijia surprised and she couldn’t help looking at him a bit weirdly.

Why did she find Mu Tianyan in front of her so weird? Did he take the wrong medicine? But wasn’t he fine this morning?

Without letting Lu Zijia think more, Mu Tianyan suddenly looked at Jin Junyi and said, “I’ll be here with my wife from now on.
Thank you for taking care of her just then.”

He was obviously getting rid of Jin Junyi!

Jin Junyi didn’t know much about the ways of the world, but he could still understand such words that were obviously asking him to leave.
And yet, he didn’t mind.
“Second Master, you’re welcome.
I’m here to learn from Fellow Lu.
I can’t say that I took care of her.

“Instead, I should thank Fellow Lu.”

Because Tong Kexin and Lu Zijia didn’t get along, everyone in the Special Administration Office already knew that Lu Zijia had become the wife of the Second Master of the Mu family.

So, Jin Junyi wasn’t surprised when Mu Tianyan called Lu Zijia his wife.

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Instead, Mu Tianyan’s attitude towards Lu Zijia made him a bit surprised.

Because what he heard from Tong Kexin was that Mu Tianyan was extremely cruel and he didn’t treat his wife, Lu Zijia, well.
He even hated Lu Zijia.

But now, it didn’t seem to be the case.

“To learn?”

Mu Tianyan narrowed his deep eyes slightly and looked at Lu Zijia with profound meaning.
“So, my wife is so impressive.
I’m proud of you.”

Lu Zijia: “…” This man had indeed taken the wrong medicine.
Otherwise, why would he speak so weirdly? He was giving her goosebumps all over her body!

Mu Yunhao: “…” Why did he feel like the Second Master was jealous? Was it really not an illusion?

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