Chapter 275: The Tough and Unreasonable Grandma Qian (1)

“Do you want to come out yourself, or do you want me to catch you?” Lu Zijia lowered her voice with a cold gaze and said to the young spirit calmly.

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As soon as Lu Zijia finished talking, she also untied him and gave him a chance to choose.

Even though the young spirit wasn’t evil when he was alive, she wouldn’t be soft-hearted because of that.

Being soft-hearted was every cultivator’s biggest taboo.
Murdering and stealing treasures were common in the cultivation world.
If they were soft-hearted for a moment, they could be beheaded at any time.

Whether she was too rational or cold-blooded, she had never regretted it all these years, because she was just cherishing her own life.

“I’ll come out myself.”

In fact, Lu Zijia didn’t need to say anything.
The young spirit, who was afraid of her, had already left the boy’s body the moment he sensed that he could move.

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After the young spirit left the boy’s body, the boy immediately collapsed to the ground.

“Xiao Jie! Xiao Jie, my precious grandson! What’s wrong with you, Xiao Jie?”

Seeing her grandson fall to the ground with his eyes closed, Grandma Qian immediately cried even harder.
She even tried to break free from the young police officer’s hands to rush towards her grandson.

The young police officer was startled and he almost couldn’t hold her up.
He quickly reacted and stabilized his feet to pull her back.

“Grandma Qian, calm down first.
You’ll only hurt your grandson if you pounce on him like this.

“I’ll help you walk over slowly, alright? Calm down, calm down.”

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Seeing Grandma Qian crying and trying to pounce on her grandson, the young police officer persuaded her with a speechless look on his face.

He was truly afraid of this tough and unreasonable old lady.

“You brat, let go of me! Let go of me! If you don’t let me see my grandson, how can you rest assured?

“Let me go now, or I’ll complain about you.
I’ll complain that you bullied me, this old woman, and that you wouldn’t let me care about my grandson.

“God! What a sin! What did I do wrong in my previous life to be bullied by someone like this in this life? It’s unreasonable, it’s unreasonable!”

Grandma Qian became more and more unreasonable as she spoke.
She even waved her hand and slapped the face of the young police officer who was helping her up.

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“Slap! Slap!”

The young police officer, who was slapped on his face hard twice, felt the burning pain on his cheeks and couldn’t help feeling a bit dumbfounded for a second.

Apparently, he had never thought that Grandma Qian would beat him and didn’t even hold back at all.

Seeing that Grandma Qian was about to slap him again, the young police officer subconsciously wanted to dodge.

But the next second, he remembered that Grandma Qian twisted her ankle when she was being chased by her grandson.
She couldn’t even stand straight.
If he dodged and let go of her hand, Grandma Qian would definitely fall.

As a police officer, his sense of responsibility made him stop dodging and he suffered a few more slaps from Grandma Qian.
His handsome face became extremely hot out of pain.

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“Stop! How can you hit someone?”

Another middle-aged police officer and the psychologist, who went to check on the boy, were relieved after confirming that the boy had only fallen asleep and was fine.

However, they still intended to hand the boy over to the medical personnel waiting outside for a long time for a checkup.

However, as soon as he picked up the boy, he saw Grandma Qian beating his colleague like he was an enemy who killed her father.

In order not to hurt Grandma Qian, his colleague had no choice but to stand upright and take the beating.
A wave of anger immediately rose in his heart.

Grandma Qian didn’t cooperate with them before, and even kept scolding them and making a scene in front of them.
And now, she even started beating one of them.
She had totally gone too far!

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