Chapter 271: Attracted a Guy Who Wants to Learn

Lu Zijia was a bit surprised.
“Waiting for me?”

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Whether it was her or the original host, they were both not close to Jin Junyi, this rising star.
Why did he suddenly come to find her today?

Seeing Lu Zijia’s surprised look, Jin Junyi couldn’t help feeling a bit embarrassed.
“I told the Director about you.”

As if he was afraid that Lu Zijia would misunderstand, Jin Junyi quickly explained again, “Don’t misunderstand.
I don’t mean anything else.
I just think that it would be a pity if your exceptional talent is hidden.

“Besides, if everyone knew what you’re capable of, they wouldn’t…”

Jin Junyi stopped talking for the sake of Lu Zijia’s feelings.

However, the meaning in his words was enough for Lu Zijia to understand.

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“They wouldn’t think I’m useless?”

Compared to Jin Junyi’s worries, Lu Zijia didn’t care at all, as if she wasn’t the one who was labeled a loser secretly by the people of the office in the past.

Well, alright, it indeed wasn’t her…

Lu Zijia shrugged and smiled.
“No matter what, thank you for your kindness.”

Jin Junyi was one of the few people who didn’t show any hostility or disgust towards the original host.
Apart from a few good people, he was actually quite nice.

Seeing that Lu Zijia wasn’t angry at him for being nosy, Jin Junyi was finally relieved in his mind.

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“You’ve accepted a case? Is there anything I can help you with?” Jin Junyi looked at the folder in her hand and asked gently and a bit nervously.

Even though Lu Zijia always believed that she would be a fool if she didn’t accept a free servant, she still had some criteria in her mind.

“No, go ahead with your stuff.
I can deal with it myself.” She had already read most of the information about the case and it wasn’t too difficult to solve.

Jin Junyi couldn’t help but feel a bit disappointed when Lu Zijia rejected him.
Seeing that Lu Zijia was leaving, he quickly followed her.

“Actually, I want to go with you.
I want to see how you handle the case.”

Jin Junyi wasn’t good at lying, so he directly said what was in his mind.

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“I gave my master the talisman you gave me before.
My master said the talisman you drew was pretty good and asked me to learn from you.

“Besides, Master also said that going out more often would allow me to gain more experience and understand the ways of the world.”

Jin Junyi said in a requesting and sincere tone, “Don’t worry, Fellow Lu, I won’t interfere when you’re dealing with the case.

“Of course, if you need my help, just let me know.”

Lu Zijia: “…” So, this seemingly naive guy was here to learn!

Lu Zijia said a bit speechlessly as she walked, “There are so many people in the office.
I’m just a rookie.
You shouldn’t come to me if you want to learn.

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“I think you should find someone else to learn from!”

Even though Jin Junyi was still a newcomer in the office, he could be considered an old man compared to her, who had yet to deal with a case officially!

An old man said he wanted to learn from a newbie? Was he sure he wasn’t joking?

Jin Junyi frowned slightly and insisted, “But my Master thinks very highly of you.
I believe in him.”

Lu Zijia: “…”

What he said was truly irritating.
Could she give this guy a Misfortune Set?

“Your Master thinks highly of me.
As his apprentice, aren’t you angry, jealous, and resentful? Instead, you came to learn from me.
You’re really broad-minded.”

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