Chapter 248: Second Master and Madame Are Quite a Match

Hearing what Lu Zijia said, the evil spirit was obviously startled, but soon reacted.
“I want that bitch, Guo Xinru, to die.
I want her to go to hell like me!”

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He was good-looking and had a good educational background.
If it weren’t for the bitch Guo Xinru who killed him, he could have had a promising future.

So, if Guo Xinru ruined him, he would definitely not let that bitch live well!


Lu Zijia rejected him without thinking.
Before the evil spirit shouted furiously, she continued, “However, I can find out the truth of your death and bring the person who killed you to justice.

“If you agree, you still have a chance to reincarnate.
If you don’t, your soul will be shattered directly!

“Anyway, it’s not like I can’t do anything to you.”

When Lu Zijia said the last sentence, she looked as annoying as possible.

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Anyway, in the eyes of the evil spirit and Mu Yunhao, she indeed made their hands itch and they wanted to go forward and beat her up.

Mu Yunhao sighed in his mind.
Madame was indeed Madame.
She was truly the same as Second Master!

Thinking of how annoying Second Master was just then, Mu Yunhao suddenly felt that Second Master and Madame were quite a match…


The evil spirit was so enraged that his face was so distorted that he could be recognized.
Even his soul became a bit faint, which showed how furious it was.

Hearing that the police car had already arrived at Tang Family Treasure, Lu Zijia frowned slightly and said impatiently, “I’ll give you three seconds.
Three seconds later, I’ll help you choose.”

As soon as she finished talking, a ball of lightning appeared in her hand.
It was totally a threat, wasn’t it?

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“I agree!”

The evil spirit gritted his teeth and spat out two words quickly, fearing that he would be killed by Lu Zijia if he was a second late.

Lu Zijia nodded in satisfaction at the evil spirit’s wise choice.
“Not bad, not bad.
A man who acts according to the circumstances is an outstanding person.
You’ll have a promising future.”

On the side, the corners of Mu Yunhao’s mouth twitched slightly.
This evil spirit was already dead, how would he have a promising future…

In terms of angering people, no one could compare to Madame.

As expected, the evil spirit’s face twisted ferociously again when he heard the word “future.”

What’s going on here?”

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After Lu Zijia made a deal with the evil spirit, seven to eight police officers rushed in with guns in their hands vigilantly.

The head police officer looked at the seriously damaged yard and glanced over Lu Zijia, Mu Tianyan and Mu Yunhao one by one.

When the head police officer saw Mu Yunhao, he looked surprised.
Then, something seemed to come to his mind and his eyes suddenly landed on Mu Tianyan in the wheelchair again in shock.

Mu… Master… Master Mu?”

Mu Yunhao was the General Manager of the Mu Group.
He was basically the one who dealt with the affairs of the company, while Mu Tianyan was in control in secret.
Therefore, very few people had seen Mu Tianyan.

Of course, almost everyone in the capital city knew that the Second Master of Mu was disabled.

So, when the head police officer saw Mu Yunhao, he could easily guess Mu Tianyan’s identity.

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Mu Yunhao, who was already used to dealing with things, stepped forward and nodded at the head police officer.
“Sir, we came here after receiving a call.

“As for the situation inside, I’m not too sure yet.”

After saying that, he glanced at Lu Zijia without being noticed, hoping that she could step out and tell the cops what was going on inside.

However, Lu Zijia stood still and looked up at the sky, as if she didn’t notice his gaze.

She was tricked by this shameless man, Mu Tianyan, just then.
Mu Yunhao and Mu Tianyan were in the same team, so they were definitely blacklisted together!

Mu Yunhao: “…”

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