Chapter 246: The Second Master of the Mu Family Is Protected by the Blood of Divine Dragon?

Having achieved his goal, Mu Tianyan didn’t hide his good mood at all.
“As you wish, Madam.”

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Mu Tianyan said as he nodded slightly, signaling Mu Yunhao to go up and help.

Mu Yunhao: “…” Second Master, you’re really ruining your image by taking advantage of someone when she’s in danger, do you know that?

Lu Zijia, who heard the word “Madam” from the man again, rolled her eyes at him rudely.

Seeing her reaction, Mu Tianyan didn’t get angry, but chuckled instead.

Apparently, he was truly in a very good mood right now.

Even though Mu Yunhao could only see a cloud of black fog moving, it didn’t stop him from being sensitive to viciousness.
It was so close, but he dodged the fatal attacks of the evil spirit several times.

With the addition of Mu Yunhao, Lu Zijia immediately felt a lot more relaxed.
The lightning attack quickly hit the evil spirit like it was free.

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“Argh!!! Damn you, bitch, go to hell, go to hell! Go to hell!!!”

The evil spirit that was being suppressed by the two of them shouted crazily, as if he was fighting Lu Zijia and Mu Yunhao with every move.

However, even so, he still couldn’t stop the fate of having the dark energy and resentment lingering around his body being quickly devoured.

After two-thirds of the dark energy and resentment in the evil spirit was devoured by Lu Zijia’s lightning, his eyes that were full of hatred seemed to have decided something.

The remaining one-third of the dark energy and resentment instantly doubled.

“Be careful!” Lu Zijia immediately reminded Mu Yunhao when she saw that something was wrong.

What the evil spirit was doing right now was like the secret art she wanted to use before.
Even though he could get a temporary increase in strength, he would become weak for a while after that.

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Seeing the evil spirit rushing towards her and trying to die with her, Lu Zijia dodged almost subconsciously.

However, she was startled the next second.

“Second Master!”

The expression of Mu Yunhao, who also realized the purpose of the evil spirit, changed drastically.

As expected, after she dodged, the evil spirit didn’t chase after her, but went towards Mu Tianyan behind her without slowing down!

Even though Lu Zijia intended to make Mu Tianyan, who took advantage of her just then, suffer a bit, she didn’t want him to die.

So, the next moment, she increased her speed to the extreme and flew towards Mu Tianyan.

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“Hahaha! You bitch, open your eyes and watch how I kill your lover clearly!”

Seeing that he could almost kill Mu Tianyan, the evil spirit laughed complacently.
That laughter was very piercing.

Lu Zijia ignored the evil spirit’s complacency.
Instead, she suddenly stopped and her pupils shrank abruptly.

Because she heard a dragon’s roar! She heard a dragon’s roar from Mu Tianyan, this mortal!

What did this mean? It meant that Mu Tianyan was either a Divine Dragon or had a Divine Dragon’s bloodline!

Of course, judging from her observation, it was more likely that Mu Tianyan had the blood of Divine Dragon.

No wonder Mu Tianyan, a mortal, could survive for so long after being poisoned by the Yangyan Worm!

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It wouldn’t be strange if he had the protection of dragon blood.

Knowing that Mu Tianyan had the protection of the blood of Divine Dragon, she was not in a hurry to save him anymore.

Because it was impossible for ghosts to hurt people with the blood of a Divine Dragon.

As expected, when the evil spirit was still one meter away from Mu Tianyan, the image of a golden dragon suddenly burst out of Mu Tianyan’s body.


The golden dragon image that soared into the sky let out a deafening roar.

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