Chapter 241: The Incident at Tang Family Treasure (3)

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When Tang Muyang was two steps away from Guo Xinru, he raised the trophy in his hand and hit the back of Guo Xinru’s neck with it.

However, Guo Xinru suddenly turned around as if she had eyes on her back.

The fruit knife in her hand stabbed Tang Mufeng crazily without hesitation like she wanted to take his life.

Tang Mufeng was shocked and he quickly used the trophy in his hand to block it, but he was still a step too slow.

Seeing that the sharp fruit knife in Guo Xinru’s hand was about to pierce Tang Mufeng’s heart, Luo Ziyun screamed in fear and even rushed over subconsciously.

Unfortunately, she was too far.
Even if she rushed over now, she wouldn’t be able to save Tang Mufeng.

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Luo Ziyun’s shout was full of fear and despair, which couldn’t help making people’s hearts shake violently.

However, at the critical moment, a shadow flashed through quickly.
Her slender hand grabbed the wrist of Guo Xinru’s hand that was holding the fruit knife firmly, making the fruit knife that was already at Tang Mufeng’s heart unable to move forward at all.

Tang Mufeng still maintained a shocked expression and only collected himself after a while.
Even though he didn’t feel so drained that he fell on the ground, his body couldn’t help but tremble slightly.

This showed how frightened he was when he almost went to the Gate of Hell just then.

Lu Zijia grabbed Guo Xinru’s hand that was holding the fruit knife with one hand and smacked with the other.

“Poof! Boom!”

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Being smacked on the chest by Lu Zijia, Guo Xinru immediately spurted out blood and her skinny body was even knocked out, hitting the coffee table behind her fiercely.


Guo Xinru couldn’t help but spit out another mouthful of blood.

“Are you alright?” Lu Zijia glanced at Tang Mufeng and Luo Ziyun and asked.

Luo Ziyun ran to Tang Mufeng’s side to check on him with trembling hands.
After confirming that he was alright, she immediately burst into tears.

“I’m fine, I’m fine.”

Tang Mufeng held his wife in his arms and comforted her as he patted her back, answering Lu Zijia at the same time.

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Seeing that the two of them were just startled and were alright, Lu Zijia also took back her attention and turned to look at the evil spirit sitting on the couch like a master.

The evil spirit was surrounded by black fog that soared into the sky.
He stared at Lu Zijia, who suddenly appeared, with his eyes that had no white color at all.

When he noticed that Lu Zijia could actually see him, he couldn’t help feeling astonished, but when he thought of his current strength, he immediately showed a ferocious and sinister smile.

“Another one who came to die? Great, I like little bitches like you the most.
It’s fun to play with you!”

The evil spirit looked to be in his twenties and he was quite handsome.
However, the obscenity on his face made him look much less good-looking.

“You can take revenge, but you shouldn’t hurt the innocent.”

Lu Zijia looked cold.
She wasn’t angry at all because of what he said.

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“Ha, what a joke.
Do I need a bitch like you to teach me how to do things? Anyone related to that bitch Guo Xinru has to die!”

The evil spirit’s eyes were distorted and the black fog around it surged violently, as if it was expressing the emotions of the evil spirit at this moment.

Tang Mufeng and his wife, who finally regained their senses, couldn’t help feeling stunned when they saw Lu Zijia talking to the air.

The couple subconsciously looked at each other and they both thought of the evil spirit Lu Zijia talked about before.

However, didn’t the master say that the jade pendant would shatter if the evil spirit showed up?



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