Chapter 239: The Incident at Tang Family Treasure (1)

Mu Tianyan, who was sitting in the backseat, couldn’t help but curl his lips slightly as he looked at the figure that had already slipped into Gambling Stone Street quickly.
The pressure from him also dissipated unconsciously.

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It seemed that he should find a way to keep such an interesting person.


Lu Zijia, who had already rushed to Gambling Stone Street, looked behind and found that no one was chasing after her.
A cunning smile like a fox appeared on her pure and gorgeous face.

Of course, she was actually a bit guilty in her mind.

In fact, she didn’t mean it either.

However, the Invisibility Talisman she drew in a hurry at the last minute didn’t work well.
It lost its effect before they reached their destination.

So, she could only choose to trick Xiao Hao, or she wouldn’t be able to get out of it.

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However, with Xiao Hao’s ability, dealing with those cops would definitely not be a problem.

Thinking of this, Lu Zijia immediately stopped feeling guilty.
She even sped up and walked towards Tang Family Treasure.

Before reaching the Tang Family Treasure, Lu Zijia could already feel the dark energy and resentment rising to the sky.

She even smelled blood!

The door of Tang Family Treasure was tightly shut.
Even though it was already a bit dark at this time, the stores around still weren’t closed yet and streets were still crowded.
She definitely couldn’t just break in.

So, she could only use the old way.

Lu Zijia put her fair, slender hand on the lock of the gate and started to use the spiritual power in her body to make a thunder-element attack.

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A few seconds later, the lock of the gate was burnt.
It had already turned into a piece of scrap iron.

Lu Zijia directly hit the burnt lock gently and took it down.

In the small residential building behind Tang Family Treasure.

At this moment, the husband and wife of the Tang family were confronting a young, short-haired woman with a fruit knife in her hand in the living room.

This short-haired woman was Luo Ziyun’s cousin, Guo Xinru.
She had been living in the Tang family lately.

“Cousin, put the knife down quickly.
Tell us what happened.
Don’t do anything stupid.”

Luo Ziyun persuaded Guo Xinru carefully.
She was afraid that she would scare Guo Xinru if she spoke louder.

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When Guo Xinru came to stay, Luo Ziyun saw that something was wrong with her.

However, she thought her cousin only came to relax because she was in a bad mood.

Who would have thought that things would turn out like this?

“Yeah, cousin, tell us if there’s anything you can’t solve.
Your cousin and I will definitely think of a way to help you.”

Tang Mufeng protected his wife behind him and also persuaded Guo Xinru carefully and cautiously.

However, Guo Xinru, who was persuaded by the two of them, acted like she didn’t hear what they said at all and continued to hurt herself with the fruit knife with lifeless eyes.

She even cried, “No, don’t come over, don’t come over!

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“I have nothing to do with it.
I have nothing to do with it.
I didn’t want it to happen either.
If you didn’t cheat on me and humiliate me with another woman, how would I, how would I…”

Hearing Guo Xinru “talk to herself,” Luo Ziyun and Tang Mufeng both frowned and guessed in their minds at the same time if Guo Xinru had become mentally unstable because her boyfriend cheated on her.

Otherwise, she wouldn’t have hurt herself right now.

“Cousin, listen to me.
Can you give me the knife first? Tell me what happened.
I’ll help you.”

Luo Ziyun walked over tentatively and wanted to take away the fruit knife in Guo Xinru’s hand.

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