Chapter 238: Damn! Was He Tricked by Madame Again?

“Hey, why are you in a daze at this critical moment?”

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Lu Zijia first quickly glanced at the functions of the car.
Before she heard Mu Yunhao’s explanation, she couldn’t help frowning slightly and waved her hand in front of his eyes.

“Madame, you… you don’t know how to drive?”

Mu Yunhao swallowed hard and asked with a slightly frightened look.

Lu Zijia rolled her eyes and didn’t feel like there was anything wrong at all.
Would I still need to ask you if I do?”

The original host wasn’t favored in the Lu family.
Even her pocket money was given to her by Du Xiangjun with her own money.
How would the original host have extra money to learn how to drive?

Mu Yunhao: “!!!”

If you didn’t know how to drive, why did you say that you would drive?

Crazy, he was really going crazy!

No, Lu Zijia was crazy! Extremely crazy!

“Oh, I almost forgot.
I should prepare something more.” Lu Zijia said as she immediately took out a talisman brush and a talisman from her backpack and started drawing the Invisibility Talisman.

Mu Yunhao: “!!!”

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Could talismans drawn so casually really be effective?

Mu Yunhao expressed deep doubts about this.

However, after Lu Zijia finished drawing the talisman, Mu Yunhao was still forced to explain briefly how to drive.

Under Mu Yunhao’s terrified gaze, Lu Zijia drove the car swiftly.

After witnessing with his own eyes how the car almost crashed into big trees by the roadside several times, Mu Yunhao finally believed that Lu Zijia really didn’t know how to drive!!!

God wanted him dead!

Speaking of which, could he still ask to get out of the car right now?

However, when he saw the Second Master sitting calmly in the backseat, he swallowed his request to get out of the car.

As a Martial Artist, he might not die even if he had a car crash.
If he was scared, he would embarrass the Second Master.

So, he definitely couldn’t be a coward!!!

“Hey, it’s quite easy to drive.” After getting used to how to drive, Lu Zijia said with a relaxed smile.

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Mu Yunhao, who was so scared that his heart had already jumped to his throat, had no energy to complain anymore at this moment.

She almost crashed into a tree a dozen times in just one minute and she said it was easy to drive?

If it was simple, drive well!

“Alright, I’m going to speed up.
Sit tight.”

Without giving Mu Yunhao and Mu Tianyan a chance to ask, Lu Zijia slapped three talismans on the car in a row.

“Fly, fly, fly…!”

As the car floated up quickly, Mu Yunhao’s eyes almost popped out.

Damn, this was totally too exciting, wasn’t it?

He had never known that talismans could be used like this.
Madame was truly amazing!

And after the car took off and became invisible again, the subordinates in the two cars behind: “!!!???” What the hell, where was the car?! Where was Second Master?!

Lu Zijia used a Light Body Talisman, an Invisibility Talisman and an Acceleration Talisman on the car.

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So, she didn’t have to worry about being seen at all.
She drove the car that was supposed to be on the ground like it was a plane.

So, the originally six-hour journey was shortened to eighteen minutes by Lu Zijia!

She was even faster than a plane!

However, when they were about one kilometer away from Gambling Stone Street, Lu Zijia suddenly frowned.

Lu Zijia cast a concealment spell and landed the car on the road without attracting anyone’s attention.

Mu Yunhao thought that the car was still invisible, so it was normal that no one noticed it when it landed on the ground.

After landing on the road, Lu Zijia had already slowed the car down a lot, but it was still speeding.

When they were 100 meters away from Gambling Stone Street, Lu Zijia suddenly stopped the car.

“I’m tired.
It’s your turn to drive.”

Lu Zijia said as she directly jumped from the driver’s seat to the backseat without giving Mu Yunhao a chance to react.

Seeing that Mu Yunhao didn’t move, Lu Zijia urged, “Hurry up!”

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Mu Yunhao looked ahead.
They were less than 100 meters away from Gambling Stone Street .”…”

If Madame was in such a hurry, why didn’t she just drive this 100 meters as well?

Mu Yunhao expressed deep confusion and helplessness towards Lu Zijia’s thinking.

Under Lu Zijia’s urging, Mu Yunhao didn’t get out of the car to go to the driver’s seat, but directly moved over from the passenger’s seat.

However, he had just driven less than 50 meters when he was stopped by the police car chasing behind!

Mu Yunhao had no choice but to stop and get out of the car.
When he saw two policemen walking towards him, he suddenly thought, “Isn’t their car invisible? Why can these policemen see it?”

Damn! Was he tricked by Madame again?

Young man, you found out the truth!

“Sir, you were driving at a high speed just then.
We suspect that you’re drunk.
Please get out of the car and cooperate with us.”

The policeman knocked on the window and said to Mu Yunhao in the driver’s seat politely.

Mu Yunhao subconsciously looked at the back seat, but… where was Madame?

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