Chapter 220: Deceiving Herself and Others (2)

He still remembered that when he was ten years old, he once heard his drunk father blurt out that he killed someone and that he regretted it very much, he regretted the wrong decision he made back then.

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Zhao Ziteng was only ten at that time, and he believed in his father’s conduct deeply, so he didn’t take it seriously.

However, as his father suddenly collapsed and seeing all the evidence they had found right now, he could no longer deceive himself and others.

The person that her father said he killed when he was drunk back then should be Zhao Hanlin, right?

Otherwise, why would her father do his best to take care of Qi Anyan and her son all these years?

It must be because of guilt.
Because of guilt, he wanted to compensate the mother and son, hoping to reduce his sins.

However, would that really reduce his sins?

Zhao Ziteng clenched his fists tightly as images of the happy life of his family kept appearing in his mind.

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A drop of tears fell from the corner of his eye and fell on the cold floor…

That night, the mother and son of the Zhao family were immersed in sorrow and they couldn’t sleep until dawn.

In the living room.

Lu Zijia looked up at the clock on the wall again and couldn’t help raising her eyebrows slightly.

It was already eleven in the morning.
Had the mother and son of the Zhao family decided to give up saving Zhao Wentian?

“Should I go up and check on them?”

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Song Zixuan saw that it was getting late.
If they still didn’t set off to find that evil spirit, Zhao Wentian really couldn’t be saved.

Lu Zijia shook her head.
“I told you before that it’s up to the Zhao family whether they want to save Mr.
Zhao or not.”

Song Zixuan frowned slightly after hearing that and asked Lu Zijia the question in his mind, “Did you already know this would happen when you were in the hospital?”

Thinking of the strange things Lu Zijia said in the hospital before, Song Zixuan felt that she should have known something long ago.
She just didn’t make it clear.

Lu Zijia chuckled.
“I’m not an immortal who can predict everything.
I’m just an ordinary person right now.
Don’t think that I’m omnipotent.”

She did see that Zhao Wentian was responsible for someone’s death back then, but she really didn’t know the details.

Even though she could guess the result right now, she wasn’t 100% sure.

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Many unpredictable accidents happened in both the cultivation world and the mortal world.

So, nothing was 100% certain.

Song Zixuan: “…”

An ordinary person? Could this woman be considered an ordinary person?

If this woman was just an ordinary person, wouldn’t he not even be an ordinary person?

Thinking of this, Song Zixuan deeply felt that Lu Zijia, this woman, was born to hurt people!

“You’ve already drawn for one night and one morning.
Haven’t you drawn enough?” Seeing Lu Zijia continue drawing talismans, Song Zixuan couldn’t help but say a bit disgustedly.

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Even though the talismans Lu Zijia made were good stuff, he still felt a bit traumatized.

Especially when he thought that Lu Zijia would sell these talismans to him at some point, the trauma in his heart immediately doubled.

“Hey, you unlucky man, what do you know? I’m just well-prepared.
If business comes and I have no more talismans to sell, I’ll suffer huge losses!”

Lu Zijia shook her head and said seriously.

Mu Yunhao next to her: “…”

How much did Madame love money? In just one morning, he had already heard the word money from Madame countless times.

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