Chapter 213: Suspected

Even though she had proved that she didn’t take the Namo Buddha Lotus just then, Mu Tianyan, this bastard, still didn’t believe her.

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Once the Namo Buddha Lotus was picked, it would lose its effect if it wasn’t consumed within two days.

Mu Tianyan, this bastard, just wanted to see if she would eat the Namo Buddha Lotus in these two days!

He didn’t hesitate to sacrifice himself to test her.
He was truly heroic and righteous!

However, no matter how frustrated and speechless Lu Zijia was in her mind, she couldn’t stop Mu Tianyan from staying at the old mansion of the Zhao family.

After all, she couldn’t beat him or talk him out of it right now.
What else could she do apart from letting him stay?

However, the result was destined to disappoint Mu Tianyan.

Thinking that the man sacrificed himself but wouldn’t get the result he wanted, Lu Zijia immediately felt better.

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That smiling look was totally like a cunning little fox!

On the second floor.

“Second Master, we didn’t find anything.”

Mu Yunhao walked into Lu Zijia’s room and reported to Mu Tianyan, who was looking out of the window.

Mu Tianyan didn’t look away after hearing that.
Instead, he said in a cold and slightly teasing tone, “If you can find anything, she won’t be her.”

In fact, Mu Tianyan had already known this would happen before he came here.

However, he still wanted to see how capable Lu Zijia was.

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It was truly impressive for her to hide it from the search of so many Martial Artists.

He just didn’t know if she could hide it forever.

Mu Yunhao looked confused.
“Second Master, judging from your tone, you seem to have known that we wouldn’t be able to find anything, so why did you still…”

Why did he stay here instead of going to look for the Namo Buddha Lotus?

Even if Lu Zijia had already promised that she would definitely remove the poison from Second Master, it was good to have more guarantees.

Mu Tianyan shook his head and said firmly, “The Namo Buddha Lotus is in her hands.”

The “her” that Mu Tianyan mentioned was certainly referring to Lu Zijia.

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Even though he didn’t find any traces of the Namo Buddha Lotus on Lu Zijia, nor did he get anything out of her.

His instincts told him that the Namo Buddha Lotus was in Lu Zijia’s hands.
She just hid it very well.

Mu Tianyan trusted his instincts very much.
After all, his instincts helped him avoid fatal dangers many times.

“It’s with Madame?”

Mu Yunhao was startled and he immediately said, “So, the person who snatched the food from the tiger’s mouth is Madame?”

Mu Yunhao said as he suddenly thought of something and he sounded a bit confused.

“But I remember that the tactic used by Madame isn’t the same as that used by the person who stole the Namo Buddha Lotus.

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“No! No, speed, that person is very fast, and so is Madame!”

The two of them were coincidentally faster than him.

Besides, he couldn’t figure out the level of both Madame and the person who stole the Namo Buddha Lotus.

One similarity was a coincidence, but what about two? Could it possibly be a coincidence?

Mu Yunhao was not surprised that Mu Tianyan could think of this.

“Just wait and see.
It’s better for it to be in her hands than in the hands of the Mu family.”

Speaking of the members of the Mu family, Mu Tianyan’s black eyes became a bit colder, apparently a bit scary.

Hearing that, Mu Yunhao nodded in agreement.
“That’s true.
The people from the Mu family didn’t get the Namo Buddha Lotus this time and were even seriously injured.
They really suffered a double loss.
Serves them right!”

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